October 7, 2022

Do you want to earn big in three easy steps? Register on CoinFantasy and do the following:
● Join the contest that you wish to participate in.
● Use your knowledge and experience of the crypto market and develop a lineup of crypto tokens that you think will rise in value. 
● Your prediction will determine how much real money you win. You can also get amazing prizes if you participate in tournaments and championships.
CoinFantasy gives you a chance to create your portfolio and compete with other users. You can play against another user, squad, or house and win rewards. 
CoinFantasy metaverse
CoinFantasy’s metaverse is unique because it’s more like a financial hub. This economic hub houses dedicated clubs for different crypto tokens. The clubs that you can be a part of are as follows:
● Bitcoin club
● Polygon club
● Ethereum club
● Avalanche club
● Solana club
You need to play and win different games to increase your level on the CoinFantasy platform. This would make you eligible for various NFT collectibles, in-game merchandise, and exclusive events. 
CoinFantasy ecosystem
There are five stages in CoinFantasy’s ecosystem:
1. White label service
CoinFantasy promises to offer white-label service to users who want to participate in tournaments and championships. If you love the games on the CoinFantasy platform, you can engage with other players within the community. CoinFantasy will provide white-label service to those who commit the most. Therefore, don’t forget to talk to other players when participating in different games.
2. Gamified launchpad
CoinFantasy keeps its doors open for launchpads. Anyone who wishes to use their launchpads on CoinFantasy can do so to gamify their IEO or IDO launch. Furthermore, CoinFantasy’s launch platform organizes every game, and its winners receive the prizes instantly that are allocated for their respective games. This strategy keeps bots away and assures CoinFantasy of valuable participants who know about the condition of the crypto market.
3. Lead generation
This is not just a platform where you can play games and win money. It can become a great place for generating leads for trading platforms and exchanges. Exchanges and trading platforms can attract the players with offers and rewards to sign up and trade their favorite tokens and cryptocurrencies. Players who also want to earn by investing in cryptocurrencies will find another avenue from which they can come to know about the latest offers and rewards on joining a new exchange.
4. Community engagement
Any social media community platform or influencer can use CoinFantasy to organize game pools. They can use this platform to engage with the community and users of CoinFantasy. For example, many trading platforms want to know what investors want before launching their tokens. CoinFantasy provides that opportunity to the trading platforms and exchanges to communicate with the users and learn about their desires.
CoinFantasy is undoubtedly an exciting project for online gamers and crypto enthusiasts. Its ability to combine gaming with finance sets it apart from other crypto projects, making it an exciting prospect for new and veteran investors alike.
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