October 6, 2022

Ugo  Aliogo

TP Global FX has stated that it is ready to equip Nigerian youths with the right skill set and knowledge in forex trading to enable them gain financial freedom and help the economy grow.
The firm which held a 2-day summit to educate youths in Nigeria on Exportable Skillset such as Forex, noted that such knowledge can also lead to gainful employment and boost entrepreneurship in the country.
The Country Manager, TP Global FX, Chuks Obiri, said that their mission is to empower youths with skills that would help them earn much more because when they do, they can bring back the money to help the economy.  
According to him, “We want to contribute our own quota to help the economy by educating them with exportable skillset. We are not asking them to bring too much money, we want to educate them on skills that they can export that will benefit them and grow the economy.
“Some people have this money but they don’t know what to do with it, hence our mission of educating them on how to make good use of their money, with available experienced people to teach. They can earn so much not from their capital but with the right skillset like Davido, Wizkid export their skills outside the country and they are paid for. We don’t need too much money, all we need from our youth is for them to come so we can teach them the right skillset so that we can export them.”
Obiri while educating the youths emphasised that there is need for every youth to learn exportable skillset which is the solution to the uncertain economy. 
He further explained that the falling Naira versus the US dollars is affecting everyone, adding that every Nigerian needs to be empowered, be trained, be educated, “and have the right mind set and also embrace these solutions we are bringing for a better Nigeria.”
The Country Manager disclosed that supply and demand, government policies, lack of investors’ confidence, insecurity, government borrowing for personal expenses, and importation are the factors responsible for the naira decline. 
He, however, faults Nigerian politicians for the scarcity of dollars, “The politicians are indirectly responsible for the scarcity of dollars in Nigeria because they have kept these dollars for long and bringing them out now to give to delegates. The hoarding of those dollars is the reason why it keeps skyrocketing. We want to contribute to our quota by first increasing the earning power of Nigerians because if an average Nigerian earns about 2000 dollars which is approximately 1.2 m so imagine what they can do with that amount,” he said. 
Speaking earlier, the Chief Executive Officer, (CEO), TP Global FX, Nitish Sharma, said “Our ultimate mission is that any trader who is associated with us always earns out of his investments by trading himself using our different educational and monitoring services with a vision to strive to offer the best trading conditions to our clients using state of the art AI/ML-based trading experience.
He remarked that the organisation is determined to show people how to earn in foreign currency by educating them more on the financial market, and how they can execute while also earning.
Commenting on his interest in coming to Nigeria, Sharma said he has a lot of investors here and it has been a wonderful time here, disclosing that the biggest factor that is going to play in the dollar Naira will be the election by next year.
Speaking on the confidence of investors, he said: “The confidence of investors is going to be determined by the government fiscal policies, ‘’so let’s wait after the election as no one will want to lose his money.”
He said with approximately 250 million people in Nigeria among youths, their product will sell because Nigeria is a huge market. 
Also speaking, Regional Marketing Manager, Vignesh Sundar on his part said they want Nigerians to know that they have the power to better their own lives not just to train them, “we are here to show them the resources to make their life better financially as well as their families too”
He said that the challenges so far are that everyone is positive but they are not aware of the resources they have at hand to reach the next levels.
“It pains me that the youths are positive but are not aware of the resources they possess. I am here because I am so passionate to make people get better with the right resources. I am here to show them the resources we have to help them to get to the next level,” he said.
For the protection and confidence of investors, he said, “No one can read the future, but what we can do is to control your future. We are here to show that people can come and go, but your future is in your hands. We are showing them that no matter who comes to destruct your life, whether, for the better or the worse, you always make sure you have control over your life. My narrations are to make sure people take power on their hands, make money on their own so they can control their narratives.”
One of the participants, Modebola Ajibodu said she is here to learn from the TP Global Summit, noting that as a professional the training would provide an opportunity to make alternative sources of income legally.
She added: “The dollar has given Naira a substantial nature presently, so I am here to learn more so I can see how I can maximise the little I have and be able if not meet up with the standard of the dollar, but at least, have a fighting right like every other person that has a better currency.”


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