September 26, 2022

Leading presidential aspirant of the All progressive congress (APC), Asiwaju Ahmed Bola, has pledged to ensure an indivisible and united Nigeria.
Speaking to delegates at the ongoing national convention of the party in Abuja, Tinubu assured delegates that he would tackle the spate of insecurity in the country.
The former Lagos State governor, who paid glowing tribute to President Muhammadu Buhari on his effort to reposition the country in the last seven years, stressed that he has the wherewithal to administer the country effectively.
He noted: “Though our tribe and tongue may differ, we must build a united country, premised on equity, fairness and justice. True reform and progress lie not in copying others but in identifying our own opportunities.
“I have done this in Lagos. I humbly ask you to allow me to use these skills and experiences to advance the nation.
“I come to you with a coherent vision on how to improve our nation such that our schools, industry, agriculture and infrastructure will become the pride of all.
“Ours shall be a land where all Nigerians will have an equal chance and no one is excluded because of his ethnic background, religious creed, place of origin or social station. We are all Nigerians.”
Continuing, he noted: “We need to build a Nigeria where sufficient jobs for the urban population are available and lead to a good life.
“We need to encourage and support our farmers so that they can carry enough to maintain their families while feeding a growing nation. We must continuously invest in the modernisation and expansion of infrastructure, including power, to enhance the quality of life of our people.
“Additionally, we must continue to empower the states so that grassroots economic and political development is maximised.
“To lead Nigerians is a sacred trust, which I do not take lightly or seek selfishly. By giving me the party’s mandate, I hereby make a solemn vow to make Nigeria the best home for its citizens.”
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