September 26, 2022

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Fighting Insecurity In A Democracy
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Nine Ships With PMS, LPG, Others Arrive Eastern Ports Today
NEPZA Trains 40 Personnels On Security
Transforming Nigeria’s Health Sector For Greater Livelihood
Youth And Drug Addiction
Improving Women Economic Empowerment To Boost National Development
NAFDAC And Intensification Of Regulatory Activities
Bestiality: At The Threshold Of Depravity
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Vote Out APC In 2023, Atiku Urges Nigerians
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2023 Polls May Not Be The Best – Abdulsalami
Insurance Sector Records 15.68% Growth 
Ukraine War: Nigeria, Africa Face Extreme Poverty
Pension’s Contributory Scheme Hits N14trn … Gains N640bn In Four Months
NDIC Boss Commends Banks’ Stability Despite COVID-19
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It must be obvious to every honest and patriotic Nigerian that all is not well with the ways that affairs of this country are being managed. It would be wrong to think that there are no capable persons in the country who can put things right, without victimising or granting licence to any section in the process. Neither is it necessary that such capable persons would have to be “mad” in order to correct recalcitrant situations. Astuteness in governance demands a thorough and clear understanding of the sectors that need drastic changes and then having the political will to effect them urgently.
For the next President of Nigeria, such tasks would and must include the following: Drastic cut down on the official and extra-official remunerations of political office holder. We cannot pretend not to know who, political office holdes are, in the three tiers of governance, neither can we pretend not to know that there are extra-official remunerations. Gifts for favours done and “lobbies” to influence and induce favours, including “stomach infrastructure” to influence nomination, are gross abuses which perpetuate corruption in governance. Nigeria’s wage bills for elected officials are the highest on earth, deliberately put in place by departing military regime.
Next President of Nigeria should set up a probe into the mafia system of governance called the Presidency or cabal, made up of faceless official and extra-official pressure groups, often acting arbitrarily, in the name of the President. Again, we cannot pretend that no such mafia system, cabal or parallel government exists in Nigeria’s Presidential system of democratic governance. Democratic governance cannot operate that way. A third task for the next President of Nigeria is to reshuffle, restructure and reorganise the nation’s security and intelligence architecture and institutions, to make them truly nationalistic and patriotic. Again, no honest Nigerian would pretend to be ignorant of the fact that these agencies deserve some serious search-light. From Professor Omo Omoruyi, to retired General T. Y. Danjuma, Nigerians have been told times without number that these agencies are compromised and seen to be serving sectional interests. Add these allegations to the absorption of repentant Boko Haram insurgents into the nation’s armed forces!
Nigerians would want details and conditions of Nigeria’s membership of the Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) made public, in order to remove any misgiving in the minds of the public. It was during retired General Ibrahim Babangida’s leadership of Nigeria that the country joined the Islamic Brotherhood. Not only is Nigeria a secular state, but the impression must not be created that one religion has an advantage over others. Add this to the increasing fanaticism of public lynching of “those who disrespect the name of the Prophet!” Similarly, Nigerians would want the next President to publish names and details of known sponsors of insurgencies in Nigeria. The case of Kaduna State is of significant importance, especially with kidnappers who hold travellers hostage and demanding for ransom, telling us that the Government of Nigeria knows what they are demanding. Groups of insurgents in the South are asking for referendum and resource control where other bandits and marauders in the North have not told Nigerians what their demands are. Must Nigeria go the Afghanistan Way or be held to ransom by local and foreign insurgents?
The sixth task of Nigeria’s next President, whoever he may be, is to revisit or review the country’s foreign policy and all international agreements, to ensure that there are no hidden agenda or booby traps anywhere. We are often told by experienced diplomats that the international community is a shark-infested environment, where fair can be foul and foul fair. From the construction of a gas pipeline from Nigeria to Morocco, to international trades and movements or taking of foreign loans, there is a need to place the interests of this nation first, now and in the future. Military and security pacts may be shrouded in secrecies but they should be reviewed, to ensure internal stability. The issue of reduction of the number of political parties in Nigeria is a vital task which the next President of Nigeria should address, without sweeping it under the carpet. Like rapid increase and growth of universities in Nigeria, the number of political parties in the country is obviously too much. Political parties are supposed to articulate and represent ideological leanings, orientations and relevance for a nation and its aspirations. Global ideologies and worldviews cannot be as numerous as the number of political parties in Nigeria, unless we want to promote frivolities in the name of ideologies. Nigeria does not need more than three or four political parties.
To address and resolve issues of census or the nation’s population, is and should be an urgent task for Nigeria’s next President. We cannot pretend to be unaware of the truth that census issue was one of the causal factors of the first military intervention in Nigeria’s polity. Even though serious allegations and objections were swept under the carpet and denied, no honest Nigerian can say that census figures are flawless. Neither can any honest Nigerian deny the fact that revenue sharing formula in Nigeria uses population figures as vital instruments, coupled with land mass. A situation where resource generation and control are over taken by population and land mass, is it not possible to distort census figures for political and economic advantages? Obviously Nigeria’s political economy is skewed towards parasitism and the encouragement of duplicity, all of which give rise to national instability. A part of the challenges which the next president should address is census controversy. To say that Nigeria’s economy is in a precarious state is an issue that the nation’s leadership must address with serious diligence. Ranging from unemployment, job losses and under employment, to the gross diminution of the value of the naira, the state of Nigeria’s economy deserves to be addressed immediately. Arising from the state of the nation’s economy is also the challenge of food security, which is further undermined by clashes between farmers and herders in various communities. Engagement in food production activity demands that farmers should not be the targets of attacks.
The tenth task for the next President of Nigeria is the issue of drastic reduction of family size. It is no longer a pride for couples to boast of having as many as nine children, no matter how wealthy the family may be. There should be a policy to limit the number of children which a woman should have, to three, so that family size be placed under control. As much as possible, vasectomy should be encouraged among men and women also educated properly on family planning, with provision of facilities to terminate unwanted pregnancies. The masses are marginalized in money politics oligopoly.
By: Bright Amirize
Dr Amirize is a retired lecturer from the Rivers State University, Port Harcourt.
 Charting Way Forward Through PVC
Nigeria is confronted with several insurmountable and hydra-headed problems more than any other time in our history as a nation since 1960. The prevailing socio-economic challenges are so bleak that people wonder if there is a way out. Our public universities have been closed down since March this year because of the refusal of  President Muhammadu Buhari -led Federal Government, to meet her obligation in an agreement reached with the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU). Students have turned wanderers, Bus conductors, fortuitous drivers, going cap in hand to beg, look frustrated and disappointed, wondering if education is still necessary in a country that less than five per cent of her budget is allocated to education against UN’s stipulation.
Nigeria faces the challenge of globalisation, youth restiveness, unemployment, terrorism, drug addiction, arms proliferation, poverty, diseases, declension of family values, wars and cultism, banditry, terrorism, corruption, inordinate ambitions, drug addiction, materialism and hopeless disposition. Worst of it all, Nigeria is caught in the web of bad governance and people are groaning under an education and economic repressive government. The present administration that is the catalyst of some of the problems that bedevil the nation is helpless and overwhelmed by the monster it has created.
These ugly scenarios evident in our nation, to say the least, are symptomatic of a nation that is  at the verge of failure. These vices which are creation of leaders and some the led, pose danger to the survival of our nascent democracy. The veritable option to preclude a major economic, social and educational upheavals and catastrophe and bring back Nigeria to the path of sanity and rectitude is the preparation of the future generation leaders to be able to proffer self-groomed solutions to the challenges that presently bedevil the country. Nigerians should be proactive and dispassionate about the electoral processes, beginning with the registration and obtaining of the permanent voter card (PVC). The Permanent Voter Card gives electoral value to every adult citizen in an adult suffrage voter system. This means it is with the power of the PVC that a failed administration can be ousted or voted out of power in 2023.
It remains the non-violent and seamless process of Great Reformations and Revolution. The apathy that characterises the ongoing registration of voters conducted by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) across the country leaves much to be desired. Such  apathy that thrives on the presumption that “vote does not count” will only translate to the perpetuation and sustenance of bad governance, with the attendant untold hardship and avoidable pains.
The ballot is the people’s power. Every government derives its legitimacy from the people through the exercise of their franchise. If we are apathetic and apolitical, in participating in the ongoing exercise, then we should not expect to have a difference in result and experiences from what we are already going through.
Vote will count if we are proactive to change that will take this country to the place our founding fathers had in mind. Vote was essentially the instrument to determine those who emerged as flag bearers of the political parties at their governorship, presidential and national assembly primaries supervised by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). If the vote does not count, why was the process allegedly monetised or “dollarised”? Aspirants to positions, especially the presidential positions of political parties were said to have bought delegates votes.
This simply implies that the ballot is the power and process for a person to emerge in an elective office. The flawed processes with the consent of men and women who lacked integrity, are self-serving and are unpatriotic to the ideals and vision of Nigeria’s founding fathers, remain the straw that “breaks the camel’s back”.
Apathy and selfishness on the part of some Nigerians, have driven the country to a point of precipice. We must insist on getting it right in 2023 by ensuring that the right candidates are given the electoral mandate to hold the resources of the people in trust. A sure and certain way to achieve this, is to participate in the chain electoral processes; from the registration to the elections proper. Those who are card carrying members of political parties should resist the temptation of compromising free and fair electoral processes by aspirants. The future of Nigeria depends on what we do today. The interest of the generality of Nigerians should not be subsumed under the whim and caprice of a selfish and callous minority.
With the concerted efforts, patriotism, participation in the election processes, Nigeria will find her lost bearing and undoubtedly take her pride of place in the commity of nations. According to the analysis of one of the presidential candidates of one political party, in the forthcoming 2023 General Elections, last year, Nigeria made N970.3 billion from the oil sector, N1.6 trillion from non-oil tax,  2.8 trillion from a cumulative of other sources. In total, Nigeria realised N5.5 trillion in revenue. Of the N5.5 trillion revenue, N4.2 trillion was spent on debts repayment from January to December. What was left after debt servicing was a paltry N1.3 trillion as against a budget of N13.57 trillion. To achieve optimal budgetary performance, the Buhari’s administration had to borrow a whopping N12.27 trillion. This is outrageous and gross mismanagement of commonwealth. The only instrument to drive change that will yield democratic dividends is the Permanent Voters Card. Get it, use it wisely, do not mortgage your future and posterity by succumbing to antics of selfish people. Your PVC is the good Nigeria we clamour for.
By: Igbiki Benibo
A recent news report about the death of a number of persons in a stampede to get some free gifts at the venue of such humanitarian gesture, is the peg for this article. Beginning with the axiom that nothing happens without some causal factors, it can be said that ineffective management and control of crowd is one of the factors accounting for the unfortunate incident. Nigerians are notorious for the habit of non-observance of time, even in serious programmes and events. So, a number of people come earlier especially in events involving the sharing of free gifts, with gates locked.
The level of poverty and frustrations in Nigeria is such that humanitarian gestures and sharing of “stomach infrastructure”, draw large crowd of hungry people. The situation is more sad where politicians use poverty and hunger as baits to draw a large crowd, and religious organisations mismanage large crowds in a bid to give away hand-outs to poorer and hungry people. Disasters arising from ineffective management and control of large crowds have been endless, but quite sad.
For some reasons, capitalist economy succeeded in installing a system of political economy which rewards gangsterist intellectual cleverness, rather than diligence, hard work or honesty. This is why several agents of capitalist economy are busy daily mobilising people to become millionaires in a short time by connecting many people into “the system”, without anything more than bringing in customers and buyers. Thus from the comfort of your home, such agents can become millionaires without sweating!
There have been several alerts on the possibility of looming hunger in the near future as a result of the promotion of a culture of ease and comfort. To say that food production is on the decline is not only true, but the causes thereof can easily be figured out. Why have there been clashes between farmers and herdsmen in various parts of Nigeria in the past few years? Are crop farmers in some communities not staying away from their farmlands because of fear of being assaulted by some marauders? Is it not evident to every Nigerian that the cost of all food items went up sharply in the past few years?
With the value of the naira slumping so drastically that one dollar exchanges for six hundred naira, can it be said that the earning power of Nigerians has risen sharply upwards? This is not the case, but there has been an economic stagnation whose root causes go beyond what majority of Nigerians know. Neither can anyone say honestly that Nigerians are lazy and unproductive. The reasons can be traced to the mechanism of a global economy in which weak and corrupt nations bear the most bitter brunts; thanks to globalisation mechanism.
Nigeria is in pathetic situations largely for two reasons, namely: inefficient use of available human and material resources, and failed leadership. In management process,  efficiency is determined by sound division of labour; speed and economy in accomplishment of tasks; cooperation and team-spirit among the workforce; motivation and initiative exercised by chief executives, and authority and accountability which cannot be sabotaged or undermined by any form of corruption or blusters.
Unfortunately, the nature of political administration which had been installed and institutionalised in Nigeria makes it possible for chief executives and leaders to become behemoths that are rarely held accountable. A situation where accountability and the rule of law can be undermined by blusters and corrupt practices, then the public workforce would see no reason to work with honesty and dedication. The situation is worse where honest and dedicated civil servants retire into a life of penury, hunger, ridicule and having to beg for their entitlements in old age.
As a former police officer trained in crime detection and under-cover activities, one had seen abominations and abuses of power in high places, of which one is helpless to do anything about. Several Nigerians will have experienced similar malfeasance in their various places of work. The conclusion which anyone can have is that public or political administration in Nigeria is a cult affair, of which those who do not belong in the cult system are excluded citizens. Any system of exclusiveness is bound to create not only alienation, but animosity and lethargy.
Many Nigerians are honest, hardworking and quite capable of accomplishing unbelievable feats, if given free hands and conductive environment to work in. Unfortunately, a part of the corrupt system in the country manifests in deliberately planting wrong persons in strategic public offices. Politics of a toxic nature accounts for this ugly trend whereby ability and merit are sacrificed, and mediocrity installed and exalted. This is one of the sad prices we pay for the practice of a quota system in an attempt to balance deliberately created imbalances.
What Nigerians have been forced to learn is the art of joining the bandwagon of the behemoths’ winning team, rather than fight to dethrone the monsters of a corrupt system. If carrying guns to defend and protect the empire and wealth of the behemoth, for a fee can put food on the table of jobless youths, then why be a hewer of wood and fetcher of water? When people learn that the use of intimidation, coercion, force and blusters can yield quick results than being gentle and honest, then a culture of gangsterism soon builds up. That is the prevailing system currently.
What happened during sharing of COVID-19 Palliative resources and what is happening currently with regards to who emerges as flag bearers of the various political parties, provide vital lessons for Nigerians. While we may think that the Nigerian masses are blind and stupid, the rumour mills are veritable learning outposts. It can be shocking the kind of tales which arise in the rumour circles regarding the horse trading activity that characterise Nigeria’s  electoral process!
Crowd control at public events is an issue entailing security professionalism. Wherever stampede and the death of persons occur at such events, obviously there are always lapses attributable to organisational failures. In the sharing of booties, loots and stomach infrastructure, corrupt practices of letting hungry people scramble over 20% of the bounties, can account for the chaos, intended to obliterate what happened to 80% of the palliative resources. Alternatively, time and effective management and control of the crowd arise from toxic deployment of incompetent hands. The police can work with these hints in the most recent stampede at humanitarian event.
By: Bright Amirize
Dr Amirize is a retired lecturer from the Rivers State University, Port Harcourt.
How are the mighty fallen?
The mighty is the Giant of Africa, and he has been soaked in his own blood, unable to reuse himself to fight because he has been inebriated by the enemy within; but the sons of the terrorists are rejoicing? Why? Because they have touched us at a place where it hurts the most. All Nigerians are now like Fulani cattle for slaughter.
On Sunday, June 5, 2022, a total of 70 people were killed in Owo, Ondo State, and Adara, Kaduna State. In Owo, the terrorists invaded St. Frances Catholic Church and killed 38 persons on the spot, including men, women, and children; while in Adara, the so-called bandits raided the community with about 150 motorcycles, with three men wielding AK-47s on each, killing 32 people. Most Nigerians were unable to eat after seeing the mutilated lifeless bodies of children lying in the pool of their blood.
This savagery against innocent Nigerians has elicited a torrent of lamentations, one of which came from the President of the Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria, CBCN, Most Rev. Lucius Iwejuru Ugorji,  last week, when he said, “Nigeria is bleeding. Our land is soaked in blood. From North to South, East to West, blood is flowing like  river. Nigerians now live in fear and anxiety, as a dark cloud of uncertainty hangs over the nation. Nowhere is secure. Our homes, our highways, our institutions of learning, and even our sacred precincts of worship centers, are all unsafe. Why has our country become so insecure, while we have a government charged with the responsibility of defending the lives and property of one and all?”
Another heart-wrenching lamentation from last week came from Most Rev. Ndagoso during the funeral service of Rev. Fr. Joseph Bako Aketeh,  who was kidnapped and killed by bandits with his brother. The Archbishop said, “This is the first time I am presiding over a funeral mass without the corpse. We hope that one day we would be able to see even if it is his bones. Nigerians are wornout due to weeping; our eyes can no longer produce tears. Bandits are terrorising with impunity. Does our government care about our pains? Something is happening, they have failed us.”
As if having terrorists in the gab of bandits, prowling, raiding, and killing people and destroying communities in Southern Kaduna is not enough, we now have to deal with the controversy surrounding the report from locals that the terrorists in Southern Kaduna now have aerial capability.
According to reports, the attack on Sunday in Southern Kaduna was executed with aerial support from a helicopter. Even though the Kaduna State Government has debunked the report, there are still many unanswered questions. Questions like, are the people of Kajuru and Kaura Local Government Areas all hallucinating? Is it that no one in the attacked communities can identify a NAF helicopter?
But there is more, in February this year, a helicopter was sighted during the attack in Kaura LGA; and according to reports, this has become almost a regular occurrence since 2016. In February also, Islamic cleric, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, the self-acclaimed spokesman of the bandits, alluded to the plan of the bandits to acquire anti-aircraft missiles and other sophisticated weapons; and with this latest attack, it is clear that Nigeria is at war, but the Nigerian Army is missing in action.  The Governor of Kaduna State, Nasir El Rufai has accused the military of failing to act on intelligence, regarding the precise location of the Fulani terrorists; even when they are able to monitor the IR telephone conversation.
Is the primary purpose of government no longer the protection of lives and property? If this cardinal obligation of government is sacrosanct, and President Buhari’s only active role in our security is that of Commander-In-Chief, how then is he able to remain in power, while the blood of those he swore an oath to protect continues to flow like river? The fact that the whole country has become a killing field is apparent to all. However, no section of Nigeria has suffered the wrath of the sacred killers as much as the North. Even Buhari’s home state of Katsina has not been spared; people have been kidnapped and killed even in his local government area.
Why  is it that a  failure like Buhari’s administration is allowed to continue? Why are members of the APC of northern extraction in the National Assembly  unable  or unwilling to call for Buhari’s impeachment; even when his weakness killed, and continues to kill their people, and decimate their communities?
Just last week,  British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson,  was almost removed from office in a No-Confidence Vote. He survived, but the Prime Minister of Pakistan was not so lucky. He was removed from office in April in a similar No-Confidence Vote. Boris Johnson may have survived, but that singular action by the House of Commons was as good as reprimanding him.  Why is our polity different? Why can’t Buhari be impeached?
A man who initiated the destruction of this country even before he became president. A president that was given $1 billion for the acquisition of military hardware; but to date, he has no tangible result to show for it. This is a president whose body language is government policy, and his current posture is being interpreted by the military Top Brass as meaning, ‘Deal kindly with Boko Haram, marauding herdsmen, ISWAP, terrorists, bandits, and Ansaru that is responsible for the Owo attack’. Remember Buhari’s comment during President Jonathan’s administration, that “any attack against Boko Haram is an attack against the North”. Thinking of it now, that statement is equivalent to hate speech, especially against the people of the North East; because, here was a Fulani man from the North West sabotaging the efforts of the  government in power from protecting the people of the North East.
In fact, his posture might be the singular reason why the Nigerian Air Force is yet to deploy any of the six newly acquired Tucano jets to wipe out the terrorists in the forests of Kaduna State, almost eight months after their proscription by a court.
President Buhari is a man with the issue of blood; however, unlike the woman with the issue of blood in the Bible, who spent all she had to find a cure, Buhari by his body language, appears to  like blood, and he told us so himself as far back as 2012, when he said,” if what happened in 2011 should again happen in 2015, by the grace of God, the dog and the baboon would all be soaked in blood.”
It is unfortunate that in 2022, Buhari’s dog and baboon are the Owo 40, the 32 villagers in Adara, Kaduna State, 48 farmers in Borno, and the more than 200 IDPs killed in Zamfara State between April 10 to 16, Deborah Samuel, the list is endless, and history would remember that during a particular week in 2022, April 10 to 16, with Buhari as president, 30 innocent Nigerians were killed daily. This is his legacy.
By: Raphael Pepple
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