September 28, 2022

By Chinenye Anuforo, Lagos
Young Nigerians have been urged to get involved and be active in the country’s political process.
The call was made during the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) Province 19, Ogudu Lagos State annual event titled Relationship, Entrepreneurship, Career, Politics Conference (RECALP 2022).
The event with the theme “Equipping The Next Generation”, was attended by notable people, corporate industry stakeholders and role models in society.
In his welcome address, the Provincial Youth Pastor of Province 19 of RCCG, Femi Aminu said, “Today, we host the 8th edition of RECALP at a time like this where people are crying for solutions to national, economic, family and political problems, our youths and young adults must rise up to proffer solutions. The essence of RECALP is for young people to be prepared and equipped to solve problems. The scripture says in Matthew 5:14, ye are the light of the world, take over and darkness will disappear. Do not give up nor be overtaken by depression but know that there is hope.”
On the challenge facing the nation and ways to proffer solutions which the conference was meant for, Femi added, “it is not about the problems but about how to solve these problems in our various nations. You have to be sent by God to solve these problems. Your problem could be a key to your assignment in life. It is time to for us to take our place in every area RECALP stands for.”
In line with the theme of the program, Bisi Olowoyo, the pastor in charge of RCCG Province 19, stated that “In a world today defined as VUCA – Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and with much Ambiguity. We encourage the youth to have the right vision, acquire the right mindset, have a proper understanding, to be courageous and seek clarity to run the new normal that has emerged post-COVID 19…this platform avails you the opportunity to listen to positive news , inspire you to hold on, no matter how tough and impossible the future may seem and motivate you to greater heights as opposed to the negative news that has become the new norm on out TV stations, internet and other media outlets. The key action is be different and not indifferent in these times.”
Apart from politics and the need for youths to position themselves to be stakeholders and participants in the ongoing political reforms and movements in the country, they even touched on other critical areas of life such as entrepreneurship. This section was made up of various testimonies of participants of the previous year’s RECALP events whose lives were touched positively. The organisers encouraged youths to be creators on the job rather than sitting and hoping for jobs.
The role of social media influencers and how they help in moulding the political and psychological nuances and attitudes of youths were looked into. It was agreed by the speakers that youths must align themselves with the social acceptable norms not what the social media influencers project especially in the area of relationships.
Speaking in this regard and the role family has to play, Gloria Bamiloye, A full-time Christian movie and production minister, said: “When it comes to relationship, our children cant be left alone, they cannot do it alone. We parents have to be involved like Abraham and Isaac by allowing God to guide them and we must be interested in their affairs and the company they keep. We must show them the way, they might not want to accept but we must be involved and always pray. If they miss it in their young lives, it will affect the country…we are always going to be focused on the word of God and not on the modern culture. We must always involve God and not society and culture. We must allow God here and the church of God should rose up and guide these children.
“We are involving people from various professions to come to equip the next generation. We are inviting people to come and basically share and guide the young ones. This event is about life and how to lead a productive life in all areas of human endeavours. Nigerian youths are equipped in various sectors and we have one of the most talented youths in the world, what is lacking is the space and the youths must seize that space. We also encourage people to participate in the election, they should also vote not based on religion or ethnicity but on the capacity for the individual to deliver,” concluded Olusegun Adeniyi, a seasoned journalist and chairman Editorial Board of Thisday Newspaper and former presidential spokesman.
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