October 2, 2022

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Portland resident Whitley Nabintu Marshall returned to Manhattan to represent New England and compete for the title of International Ms. during New York Fashion Week in Times Square. Whitley competed previously last year, coming home as 1st Runner-Up to the International Mrs. USA title as well as a special award for Leadership. This year she returned home winning the crown, once again being recognized with the director’s Leadership Award.
Whitley Nabintu Marshall is an award-winning artist, activist, and entrepreneur based in Portland who aspires to bridge communities through the arts and cultural exchange, cultivating a uniquely inclusive culture which drives conversation and inspires compassionate action, making an impact internationally. She was recently recognized as one of the NYC Journal’s Top 30 Women Leaders to Watch in 2022, and has been named one of Model Society Magazine’s Top 22 Models of 2022, and a VIP Model for Supermodels Unlimited Magazine. Whitley has co-founded multiple organizations, including Green Initiatives and World Roots Culture Exchange, spearheading multiple social and environmental initiatives including the Compassionate Leadership Project. She is the Owner and Editor of Artlovelifestyle Magazine, a Certified Personal Trainer at Anytime Fitness, the Co-director of the Barefoot Truth Dance Company, and a performing member of Ikirenga cy’Intore Rwandan Cultural Troupe.
Through her endeavors, Whitley aims to expand beauty standards, hosting message-based “True Beauty” photoshoots and cover contests for Artlovelifestyle Magazine focused on the markers of true beauty: compassion, strength, resilience, diversity, authenticity, and is inclusive of all shapes, sizes, shades, genders, ages, and backgrounds. This fall she will host the first annual True Beauty Awards for Artlovelifestyle Magazine’s 1-year anniversary. (www.artlovelifestyle.com) Together with newly crowned Mrs. Worldwide, Misty Coolidge, they recently hosted their First Annual Flowers that Feed Art and Fashion showcase, where they were able to feed approximately 6600 Mainers, and are expected to more than double their impact next year.
Additionally, Whitley will continue hosting “Compassionate Conversations,” a series of interviews as a part of World Roots Culture Exchange’s Compassionate Leadership Project as well as will debut an 8-week Leadership training, (www.worldrootscultureexchange.org), ebooks, guided journal, and will meet with other International Ms. delegates to highlight their various platforms as she travels to over twenty states and four countries to volunteer and model this coming year. 
“I aspire to cultivate a uniquely inclusive culture which drives conversation and inspires compassionate action, encouraging people to embrace their most beautiful and authentic selves. This intention is at the heart of everything I do,” siad Whitley Nabintu Marshall.
The International Ms. Pageant honors and celebrates women representing empowerment, elegance, and enterprise from all around the globe. The competition consists of seven areas of competition: 
40%- Interview 
10%- Introduction Video 
10%- Runway modeling 
10%- Resort Wear modeling 
10%- Evening Wear modeling 
10%- Social Media 
10%- Photogenic 
During New York Fashion Week, Whitley modeled for Laylah Rose Couture and walked the runway at the VIP Charity Gala held at the Times Square Marriott Marquis, where they were able to raise over $12,000 for the Still She Rose initiative and women’s empowerment grants for the Beauties for a Cause Nonprofit organization.
Here is a complete list of award recipients:
International Ms – Romania > $2,500 grant 
1st Runner Up – Jamaica > $150 grant 
2nd Runner Up – United Kingdom > $150 grant
3rd Runner Up – North America > $150 grant
4th Runner Up – Missouri > $150 grant
5th Runner Up – Tennessee > $150 grant
6th Runner Up (Peoples Choice) – Philippines > $250 grant 
Ms USA – DC Metro > $1,000 grant 
1st Runner Up – New York > $150 grant
2nd Runner Up – Illinois > $150 grant 
Mrs USA – New England > $1,000 grant 
1st Runner Up – Oregon > $150 grant
2nd Runner Up – Puerto Rico > $150 grant
Top Scores 
Resortwear – Jamaica > Tori Belle Spokesmodel
Photo – Missouri
Video – New York
Social Media – United Kingdom 
Runway – Romania
Formalwear – DC Metro
Interview – Alabama
Special Awards
Community Award – Colorado > $150 grant from Carroll Crown Coaching
Still She Rose – Australia > $500 grant from B4ACUSA 501c3
Shaun Strong Determination – North Carolina
Congeniality – United Kingdom 
Director’s Leadership – New England 
Legacy Veteran – Mid Atlantic 
Whitley’s Intro Video can be found here:


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