September 27, 2022

The Christian Association of Nigerian (CAN) has lamented that the current happenings in the Country have worsened its image as citizens are now seen as thieves or beggars.
The CAN President, Archbishop Daniel Okoh, said this at the opening ceremony of the Third Abuja Archdiocesan General Assembly with the theme ‘Witness in Politics: The Role of the Catholic Faithful, than now’.
Okoh said Nigeria is currently passing through challenging times that require all hands to be on deck in order to salvage it lest it descends into a state of anarchy.
He said it is a collective responsibility to negate such perception by the citizens conducting themselves in their daily lives.
“The image of Nigeria has gone so low that every citizen is perceived as either a thief or a beggar who has nothing to offer but this is not true.
“It is our individual and collective responsibility to negate such perception by conducting ourselves in our daily lives (both private and public) in the light of the values that we learnt from our Lord, Jesus Christ,” Okoh said.
He tasked those who engage in partisan politics to remember that they need to provide leadership in showing right values so that they can influence good governance that will bring about a peaceful and prosperous nation.
“Even as Christian politicians mix up with the good, the bad and the ugly, they should not envy the wicked as Psalm 37 teaches us because we know that their ways end in destruction.
“We must bring the good news of our Lord to bring the long desired change in governance. We must turn the world upside down as the apostles of old (Acts 17:6).

“In politics, Christians must occupy our space and participate as the light in darkness; resisting all forms of intimidation.
“In order to keep up with the tide of events, the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) inaugurated a Political Strategy and Action Committee to encourage Christians to participate in politics amongst several other things,” he stated.
He, however, expressed confidence that God is raising a new generation of leaders like Esther whom God will use to deliver the country from annihilation, and Nehemiah who will be an instrument in the hands of the Almighty God to rebuild Nigerian broken walls.
“However, we should help those who are in politics to remain on the path of righteousness by making them account for their actions or inactions in public service.
“When we commend them for good works, we must also encourage them to touch the lives of those who suffer exclusion, denial and rejection – not only people of their denomination or Christian religion.
“It will be a great disservice to our nation and the unborn generation if we fold our arms and believe that they can do it alone,” the CAN President added.
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Nigeria’s image terrible, citizens seen as thieves, beggars, CAN laments
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Nigeria’s image terrible, citizens seen as thieves, beggars, CAN laments

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