December 6, 2022

From Gyang Bere, Jos
The Vice Presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and Delta State Governor, Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa has engaged critical stakeholders of the party in Plateau on the need to let go issues that will rob the party of its  victory in 2023 and embrace peace and unity to take back Plateau from APC to the citizens.
Okowa who was in the state to commission Atiku/Mutfwang campaign office said Plateau has no reason to lose the 2023 elections to any political party in view of the centrality and strategic role it played in the birth, nurture and sustenance of PDP in the country.
His frank and open conversation with the party leaders yielded desirable understanding among the key political players who are taking sincere responsibility of delivering PDP from the polling units where the votes are cast not because of only Atiku/Okowa or Mutfwang/Piyo but for the salvation of Nigeria and Plateau from total collapse due to the misrule the APC government has inflicted on average citizens.
The peace and unity talk reconciled party faithful who are still aggrieved as a result of the fall-out of the party congresses that brought on board the Chris Hassan State Working Committee of the PDP and  2022 party’s primaries that hatched the  current candidates of the party ahead of the 2023 polls.
Okowa emphasized the need to move into the polls as a united front, avoiding the misstep of the pass and the pitfalls that crumbled the party’s chances to retaine power in 2015, after the Jonah David Jang administration that raised the bar of governance in the state. Recall that the party had every machinery at its disposal to retain power in 2015 but because of anger, bitterness and betrayal of trust among PDP members who engaged in anti-party activities, the state went to the APC.
His pain was that Plateau, the symbol of unity in Nigeria has suffered huge security challenges that culminated into the loss of lives and properties in the last seven years. He assured that the PDP government under Atiku Abubakar at the National level and Barr. Caleb Mutfwang in Plateau State will usher in refreshing memories of good governance, security of lives and properties where farmers will return to farms and guarantee food security in Plateau and cross the country.
Okowa’s peace intervention was premised on the fact that the party and Plateau people stand a greater chance of benefiting from the huge proceeds of democracy, if members of the party rallies round one another and bring to the round table the key political players such as former Governor, Jonah David Jang, former FCT Minister, Sen. Jeremiah Useni, former Governor, Amb. Fidelis Tapgun among others to take back power in 2023.
“As a party, we believe that working together and carrying along everybody particularly women and the youths will enable us have  landslide victory in Plateau State in February and March, 2023. The battle is not about Atiku or Mutfwang but about Nigeria and Nigerians.
“The PDP is working round across the 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory with very promising prospects and by the grace of God, we will win the National elections in Jesus Name; I believe it is possible if we continue to move together to the grassroots, to the various local government areas, to the wards and to the polling units where the votes are cast to mobilize the people and ensure that they cast their votes during the presidential, Senate and House of Representatives elections and Governorship and State House of Assembly.
The party’s governorship candidate, Caleb Mutfwang toiled all night to reconcile with those who contested the party’s primaries with him and some elders who felt aggrieved with the outcome. Since then, he has embarked on massive consultations where he has received numerous endorsements.
He extended an olive branch to those who deserve it and embraced everyone with a promise that the umbrella is large enough to contain everyone for the sake of saving the people who are languishing in pains as a result of unpatriotic and inept activities of the APC government.
“Today, all our differences have come to an end, we are marching forward as a united PDP in Plateau. It is possible that some people are not fully healed of their grievances; let me on behalf of all the candidates of the party apologize to all of you in anyway that we have fallen short of your expectations; please forgive us because it is time for all of us to move on.
“There is a battle ahead of us, the battle that must be won not just for the PDP but for the people of Plateau State, let’s join our hands to deliver Plateau. We will do our best going forward to carry everybody along. It is time for us to take responsibility, that you are not just working for Atiku/Okowa or Mutfwang/Piyo but you are working for the deliverance of the people of Plateau State.”
Mutfwang, who has offered his shoulders for Plateau youths to see into the future and harness their potential for the greater task of salvaging the poor masses in 2023, is believed by many that if trusted with the mandate, he will use it to protect the people and provide them shade from the blistering heat of hardship, pains and that when it is raining, he will use the mandate as an umbrella to protect the people he is meant to serve.
For former Nigeria Ambassador to Switzerland, Yahaya Kwande, Okowa’s visit has healed several wounds in preparatory for the polls. “Your visit is historic, it has confirmed that Plateau is unified; we are going to go 5/5 in the election, we are going to elect all those that God has given them permission to represent us; the president of this country, governor, Senators, House of Representatives, members of the House of Assembly and in future, members of the council, we will control the state.
“Your coming here is historic in the sense that you have seen by yourself, all the stories that you have heard of the division on the Plateau is finished today, you have put a stamp on it. We should stop abusing each other, we should stop fighting, we shouldn’t create a crack in our home in the next election. We should be united so that we will win the election landslide; we should support people that have emerged as our candidates.
“Plateau people have suffered in politics, time has come that we should unite ourselves and enjoy the dividends of democracy but if we are not united, it will be impossible for us to meet our expectations. As we move out of here, we will go together into the field and mobilize support for all our candidates”.

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From Gyang Bere, Jos The Vice Presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and Delta State…

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