December 6, 2022

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Manchester United have now followed Liverpool and both Premier League clubs are up for sale.
They were dancing on the streets of Torquay and Tooting, as the Glazers announced (see below) that they were finally putting Manchester United up for sale after 17 years in control.
Whilst their official statement / announcement uses a lot of words including ‘a process to explore strategic alternatives for the club’…there has been widespread reporting from the more reliable football finance journalists and experts, that without doubt this is, the same as Liverpool, the owners wanting to sell up and cash in their chips.
Manchester United state that ‘The Raine Group is acting as the Company’s exclusive financial advisor’ and seen as they (The Raine Group) handled the recent sale of Chelsea, it further rubber stamps the for sale notices going up at Old Trafford.
Interesting as well to hear the reporting of the part Newcastle United are understood to have played in the decision making of the owners at both Liverpool and Manchester United.
The shameless American owners of the two clubs made two disgraceful attempts to hijack football.
Firstly, Manchester United and Liverpool led the attempted power grab in October 2020 by the ‘big six’, trying to bully the rest of the Premier League club to effectively hand over total power forever, whereby those six would end up having extra voting powers over and above most of the other PL clubs, which would then allow them to change rules whenever they liked, in terms of how money was shared out, or any other important decisions.
Secondly, having been thwarted with that power grab, Manchester United and Liverpool were then the most prominent English clubs / owners as the ‘big six’ were part of those clubs that tried to form their own European Super League, which would mean none of the six (or the other founder members) would have to qualify for European competition.
Once again, the American owners of Liverpool and Manchester United were prevented from stealing football for the foreseeable future.
ESL English Club CrestsBoth attempts were obviously blatant moves to try and ensure they were put in a position where they would automatically get richer and richer, without events on the pitch, such as losing football matches(!), potentially affecting that.
Or indeed, off the pitch, potential new owners of other Premier League clubs impacting them…
Maybe no coincidence that the owners of Manchester United and Liverpool were making these ever more frantic attempts at the same time as new owners of Newcastle United were set to join the party…
Basically, trying to move the goal posts, change the rules of the game massively in their favour, before another very definite threat emerged.
The Saudi Arabia PIF led takeover of Newcastle United finally allowed to happen on 7 October 2021 and nothing would ever be the same again.
The likes of Liverpool and Manchester United still had the very real hope that relegation would severely hamper the new NUFC owners, after the shambles left by Mike Ashley and Steve Bruce. Though just to try and make absolutely sure the new Newcastle ownership would fail, Manchester United, Liverpool and other ‘elite’ Premier League clubs have been pushed numerous rule changes to make it as difficult as possible for Newcastle United to fund growth of the club, on and off the pitch.
Relegation was avoided last season and indeed the third best form in the Premier League for Newcastle United in the second half of last season.
No doubt the owners of both Liverpool and Manchester United hoping this was a blip, that normal service would be resumed. That form for Newcastle despite relatively minimal money spent, hopefully for these other clubs, would prove shortlived.
However, those hopes have clearly been crushed, as at least in their opinion, the American owners of the two clubs now see Newcastle United as simply ever growing threat.
At one time, along with Chelsea and Arsenal, Manchester United and Liverpool had Champions League effectively controlled by the four of them, with very rare exceptions.

Then it became a bit of a four from six scenario when Man City came along and to a lesser extent, Spurs.
The new Chelsea owners when taking control, very quickly announced that they saw it as a big seven in the Premier League, with Newcastle United the new member.
The opening months of this season have simply pushed the Liverpool owners over the edge, now swiftly followed by the Glazers at Manchester United.
They look at this Premier League table and see the writing on the wall…
Manchester United trailing Newcastle United by four points, whilst Liverpool are eight points adrift of NUFC.
No doubt the race is now on to sell these clubs as quickly as possible because it won’t exactly help the sale price of either, if come say March / April time and Liverpool and Manchester United are still outside those Champions League places…
Manchester United official announcement – 22 November 2022:
Manchester United plc (NYSE:MANU), one of the most successful and historic sports clubs in the world, announces today that the Company’s Board of Directors (the “Board”) is commencing a process to explore strategic alternatives for the club.
The process is designed to enhance the club’s future growth, with the ultimate goal of positioning the club to capitalize on opportunities both on the pitch and commercially.
As part of this process, the Board will consider all strategic alternatives, including new investment into the club, a sale, or other transactions involving the Company. This will include an assessment of several initiatives to strengthen the club, including stadium and infrastructure redevelopment, and expansion of the club’s commercial operations on a global scale, each in the context of enhancing the long-term success of the club’s men’s, women’s and academy teams, and bringing benefits to fans and other stakeholders.
Executive Co-Chairmen and Directors, Avram Glazer and Joel Glazer said: “The strength of Manchester United rests on the passion and loyalty of our global community of 1.1 billion fans and followers. As we seek to continue building on the Club’s history of success, the Board has authorized a thorough evaluation of strategic alternatives. We will evaluate all options to ensure that we best serve our fans and that Manchester United maximizes the significant growth opportunities available to the Club today and in the future. Throughout this process we will remain fully focused on serving the best interests of our fans, shareholders, and various stakeholders.”
The Raine Group is acting as the Company’s exclusive financial advisor and Latham & Watkins LLP is legal counsel to the Company.
Rothschild and Co. is acting as exclusive financial advisor to the Glazer family shareholders.
There can be no assurance that the review being undertaken will result in any transaction involving the Company. Manchester United does not intend to make further announcements regarding the review unless and until the Board has approved a specific transaction or other course of action requiring a formal announcement.’

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