October 7, 2022

Technology innovation hub, The Nest has partnered with World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), a specialised agency of the United Nations, to unveil a Technology Innovation Support Centre (TISC) in Nigeria, to support tech startups and entrepreneurs, while promoting global research in a digital era.

At the unveiling in Lagos, Co-founder, The Nest, Oluwajoba Oloba, explained that the TISC would help Nigerian startups and entrepreneurs to make use of the best technology tools and resources to scale up their businesses.
“If a startup is developing a solution that will address specific challenges, the startup needs to know if other startups have already developed that solution and whether such product has been registered and patented within the tech ecosystem. These are some of the advantages that people will get if they are registered with TISC in Nigeria,” Oloba said.
Oloba explained that WIPO would be ready to support Nigerian startups and entrepreneurs to scale initial barriers in their businesses, and that The Nest would extend the ecosystem to Nigerian universities, to give students access to global databases for the purpose of research.

Speaking at the launch through video conferencing, the IP Information Officer, TISC Development Section at WIPO, Dr. Elangi Ituku Botoy, said Science and Technology have removed physical barriers among nations, thus making it possible for people to interact from different parts of the world.
“Brazil, China and Argentina, among other world countries, have effectively used technology to drive innovation across various sectors of their economies, and I encourage Nigeria to do the same, because Nigeria has the population of vibrant youths that can use technology to drive innovation and scale up their businesses. We need Intellectual Property (IP) strategy and the Nigerian government must be willing and ready to support the TISC initiative, which is designed to promote technology innovation,” Botoy said.
Head, Startups at the Lagos State Employment Trust Fund (LSETF), Mrs. Ireayo Oladunjoye, said the launch of Technology Innovation Support Centre in Lagos, would further help in creating jobs and wealth in the state and in the country.

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