October 7, 2022

Ali Modu-Sheriff, former Borno governor and chieftain of the ruling All Progressives (APC) has said that the ruling party will extend its Presidency at the Aso Rock Villa, Abuja beyond 2023.
Modu-Sheriff stated this in Abeokuta, the capital of Ogun State on Thursday shortly after he had held a closed-door meeting with former President Olusegun Obasanjo at the penthouse of the Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library (OOPL), Abeokuta.
Modu-Sheriff, who refused to disclose the details of his discussions with the former president when he was accosted by a crew of journalists, however, said he had come to consult Obasanjo as “Chairman and Chief Executive Office of Nigeria”, judging by the wealth of his knowledge of public administration and governance.
While stressing the need for the young politicians to tap from Obasanjo’s wealth of experience and knowledge, he described the 85- year old former president as a ‘bank of knowledge.”
He said, “It is purely a private visit, you know Baba (Obasanjo) is an elder statesman. If Nigeria is a company, Baba is the Chairman and Chief Executive of Nigeria. So, I came for a consultation and had a private chat with Baba.
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“If Nigeria is a company, Baba is the Chairman. I’m the younger one, so from time to time, I must come and greet my father, discuss with him privately and go back”.
When he was asked again whether his visit and discussion with the ex-president was 2023 and the Nigeria project, Modu-Sheriff replied, “I didn’t say that, it is a private visit.”
He, however, boasted that the 2023 general elections would be won holistically by the APC, saying: “Your view is my view, what is your view? What is my view? I want my party to win.”
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