September 28, 2022

Byrdie’s “Something Blue” dress, created in collaboration with retailer Over the Moon for brides who love to golf. Photo courtesy of Hayden Shoffner/Erin Bowman Photography
With one-pieces, classic pleated skirts and delicate floral patterns, Byrdie’s head-to-toe golf gear is designed to take customers from the course to cocktail hour.
Why it matters: Byrdie is a local brand starting trends and setting new fashion standards in the golf world. It has even garnered the attention of major fashion institutions like Vogue and Elle.
Left: Hayden Shoffner, right: Rachelle Williams. Photo courtesy of Hayden Shoffner/ Erin Bowman Photography
Flashback: Charlotteans Rachelle Williams and Hayden Shoffner started Byrdie during the pandemic. “We were playing golf every day because it was the only thing to do during COVID,” Shoffner told Axios.
Shoffner and Williams said they were inspired by their grandmothers’ style when creating the brand. Photo courtesy of Hayden Shoffner
Zoom in: Byrdie is a business dedicated to Williams and Shoffner’s upbringing, from the name (a nod to Williams’ grandfather, nicknamed “Byrd”) to the designs (inspired by clothes worn in their grandmothers’ old photographs).
The caddie suit and the short sleeve Hayden dress. Photo courtesy of Hayden Shoffner/ Erin Bowman Photography
What to expect: Modern takes on vintage designs like puffy sleeves, floral patterns, Peter Pan collars and fun hats. Williams and Shoffner are purposefully straying away from the commonly seen long navy skorts and plain collared shirts that lean more on the sporty side of fashion.
Where to shop: You can find Byrdie on their website and other online retailers like The Avenue, Over The Moon and Modatrova.
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