October 6, 2022
[files] Bola Tinubu. Photo/TWITTER/officialabat
Zonal Women leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the South East, Mrs. Diyiokeh Uchenna, has said that leadership with experience at the highest level is critical to the survival of the country’s democracy, stressing that Asiwaju Bola Tinubu’s political experience, sagacity and dexterity are required to move the country forward.
Speaking to reporters in Enugu, yesterday, Uchenna noted that the current security and economic challenges require someone with vast experience of politics and economy to manage, saying that the APC made the right choice in electing Tinubu as its flag bearer in the 2023 presidential election.
Insisting that age is not a barrier for Tinubu, she said: “He is a trailblazer and leader of leaders whose impact in governance in Nigeria cannot be over-emphasised. Nigeria needs him now to consolidate on President Buhari’s achievements. We want a bridge builder and a statesman now at the level of the presidency of this country. We need a president with deep sense of history of this country for the enthronement of peace and development.
Come to think of it, how old is President Joe Biden of United States of America? Has he not surpassed the records of those who were younger than him in government? It is not about age but experience and capacity.”
Uchenna, who said she was not surprised at the emergence of Tinubu at the national convention of the party, stated that his victory was a product of hard work and immense contribution to the growth and development of the APC.
“Watchers of the political activities in the country, especially in APC, saw the victory of Asiwaju coming. He traversed all the nooks and crannies of this country engaging the delegates with the message to consolidate the development stride of the Buhari administration. In other words, some of us knew that he was going to win.
“We cannot deny that Tinubu, alongside other patriotic members of APC, deployed their capacity and political sagacity to ensure one of the greatest upsets in Nigerian politics where the opposition candidate upstaged an incumbent President. He played a pivotal role in this success story,” she said.
On the chances of the presidential candidate in the election proper, she said: “His chances are very bright. He has unrivalled ability to discover talents, many whom have turned out to become great leaders and reference points in leadership and good governance in Nigeria today. Asiwaju has made governors, ministers and structure that would eventually work to propel him to victory in any national election as can be seen in the number of aspirants who stepped down for him.”
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