December 3, 2022

Fashion models wearing the Issey Miyake label have taken to the runway for the first time since the celebrated Japanese designer's death in August.
The show took place on Friday at Paris Fashion Week, which kicked off on Monday.
The show began with a picture of Miyake projected on screen with the words, "I believe there is hope in design." The audience erupted in applause.
The models wore garments created from a single piece of cloth, one of the late designer's signature concepts.
The show finale, featuring a piano and dance performance, drew cheers from the audience.
A woman from Los Angeles said she was moved to tears.
The collection was designed by Kondo Satoshi, who worked with Miyake for many years.
He said he will never forget his boss saying, "Believe in yourself and move forward."
Kondo added that he wants to keep on emulating Miyake by making clothes that evoke "joy and surprise."


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