November 27, 2022

Top marketers uses AccuRanker to be on the top of Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). AccuRanker is one of the top SERP rank tracker platform intended for SEO Agencies and SEO professionals who manage Enterprise SEO services. You may know that the AccuRanker had an update a few days back. They have added some new features and functions.
These functions and features will help the users to track thousands of keywords. The features will make it easy to improve the website’s organic search performance. Let’s see what this update includes. But, before that, let’s get some basic information about AccuRanker.
What is AccuRanker?
If you are a beginner in this field, you may not know much about AccuRanker. The AccuRanker is an important and helpful SERP platform for website owners, SEO agencies and big enterprises.
The AccuRanker is used by more than 20K websites to improve their organic traffic. With the help of AccuRanker, you can monitor your SERP positions on thousands of keywords and search terms. The AccuRanker gives you a larger pack of features at an affordable price range compared to other SEO software companies. Big brands such as Hubspot, Aira, Adtrak, Kinsta use AccuRanker on a daily basis.
AccuRanker New Update
The new update of AccuRanker includes some new features like keyword discovery, dynamic tagging, and organic site explorer. These new features will help customers to understand customer strategies and improve the website’s SEO.
The new feature keyword discovery will help the customers to analyze the keywords for which their website has been indexed. The keyword discovery feature will also help to understand the potential of any keyword.
It will help to choose the best keyword to track without wasting time on the wrong keywords. There is one more exciting feature of dynamic tagging. This function allows users to track a wide range of keywords at once.
Also, the customers will get real-time tracking results. Therefore, the results will keep changing depending on the ranking of different keywords. With real-time keyword tracking, customers can identify perfect keywords for their websites, blogs, and domains.
These features will also help customers to track their competitor’s keywords. They can smartly plan their SEO strategy with these features. The AccuRanker will provide a visual overview of the entire website with the organic site explorer feature.
The organic site explorer feature will provide in-depth insight into competitors’ and customers’ websites. It helps to develop better SEO techniques and improve organic traffic.
There are other tools like Ahrefs, Semrush, etc., but the reason behind the success of AccuRanker is the pricing and accuracy of the tools which are an integral part of the AccuRanker platform. All these make AccuRanker the Ultimate platform for Enterprise SEO and SEO Agencies.
These companies might charge a few extra dollars more than AccuRanker. Yes, you may get the basic package at a low price, but you will not get features like AccuRanker. If you want to be on the top of SERP, you must try AccuRanker at once.
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