October 6, 2022

Drug abuse
A not-for-profit organisation, Silec Initiatives, has stressed the need for relevant stakeholders to support efforts by the government to salvage the future of youths from drug abuse.

Founder of the group, Sunny Irakpo, who made the call, while presenting the group’s plans against drug abuse, admitted that no nation could develop without its youth population.
According to him, the youths represent power, agility, development, ideas, transformation, creativity, and 21st-century thinking that are required to move a nation forward amongst the comity of nations.
He said: “It will be a great disservice for us as patriots to leave this important population demography to their fate to die aimlessly and shamelessly without fulfilling their dreams and aspirations as a result of drugs and addictions, which in recent times have taken over our communities, towns and the nation as a whole.”
While speaking on “Understanding the Importance of our Youths in Nation Building”, Irakpo cited the United Nations Office on Drug Control (UNODC) survey in 2018. It states that the worst victims of drugs are from the age bracket of 18 and 39 years.
He stated that the intake of these drugs is not just the conventional drugs but unconventional (substances) drugs.

“The uncontrolled consumption of these unconventional drugs has thrown many of our youths to the state of insanity and it has consequently sent many vibrant and promising youths to their early graves.
“According to a report from the Psychiatrists Association of Nigeria as of 2018, with a shocking revelation that 85 per cent of unsound mind in Nigeria are youths between the age bracket of 18-38 years and it’s as a result of drug abuse.
“A poly drug called colorado with fatal damages is currently wreaking havoc amongst the youths in the society with different street names such as; baba, colos, puff-puff pass, malofa, Loud, lamba, happy boy, black mamba, colorado, Spice, MP 15 to mention but a few.
“I am crying once again for help on behalf of the Nigerian youths because just recently, we lost some promising youths full of life to this cankerworm,” he lamented.

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