October 1, 2022

September 25th, 2022 – Milan, Italy at 6:00 pm
CEDIM the School of Design was founded by Alejandro García Villarreal and has specialized in teaching arts, design, innovation and business in Mexico since 1978. This institution believes that creativity is innately within us all, and has no limits once discovered. Seven amazing students from CEDIM will be showcasing their unique designs: Alessandra Garfias, Karime Payan, Katya Razan, Lorena de la Garza, Norma Cota, Paulina Villarreal Martinez and Valeria San Miguel. – CEDIM the School of Design https://www.cedim.edu.mx/
Leesle was created by South Korean designer Leesle Hwang. She specializes in using a neo-modern perspective to reimagine the unique structures, patterns, and subtleties of traditional garments with a 5000-year history, like the Korean “hanbok.” Hwang has partnered with Samsung Mobile and KIA Motors, has been featured with The New York Times and showcased in runway shows around the world. She is a rising star in Korean design, and a representative of the increasingly popular modern hanbok movement. Her collection “Play the Festival shows the festivity of Korean culture, music and style, her wish for a return to normal daily life after the prolonged pandemic. – Leesle https://leesle.kr/
Faun Studio is a contemporary womenswear brand based in Calgary, created by Marisa P. Clark in 2017. Her designs have been showcased at New York and Paris fashion weeks and has been featured in Vanity Fair and Refinery 29. Earlier this year, Clark was voted the winner amongst Canada’s leading designers in Vote Couture for the Cure, for her one-of-a-kind dress crafted entirely out of toilet paper. Her latest collection introduces luxurious knitwear in natural earthy tones and features a desert-inspired print. These garments are comfortable and were crafted with a strong focus on sustainability. Clark used hand-spun and dyed wool from Mexico to create her collection. – Faun Studio https://www.faunstudio.com/
BlueTamburin is a leading force in the Korean fashion industry and is one of the first Korean brands to be invited to all four major fashion weeks. The label was created by designer Bomin Kim with the brand philosophy of “support beauty in mind, reveal the beauty to the world.” Kim also aims to use her brand to make a social impact on the fashion industry. Blue Tamburin’s latest collection incorporates personal uniqueness, self-expression, freedom and boldness while harmonizing it with ideas of social formality. Her designs blend traditional Korean motifs with a sense of fantasy and the designer’s own take on unique styling. – BlueTamburin http://www.bluetamburin.com/

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