October 7, 2022

Ginger Zee is having the last laugh.
On Friday, the ABC News chief meteorologist, 41, responded with a statement of her own after an anonymous critic decided to poke fun of her outfit.
“I kinda love trolls … plus, an update on #Fiona and the new tropical depression,” she captioned an Instagram post showing off the outfit: a black-and-white patterned pencil skirt beneath a black cardigan and white collared shirt.

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“I put this outfit together yesterday & liked it a lot. Couldn’t wait to wear,” she writes in the post before highlighting a sweet note from a fan who praised the outfit.
“Thanks! All me putting together and this one I was dreaming of,” she wrote in response to the fan.
After displaying the sweet note, Zee shared a screenshot of critical comment that read: “Gingerzee dresses and poses like a retired stripper turned street walker.”
“Oh no,” Zee wrote on top of the comment, alongside several laughing emojis.
Zee ended the post by giving her followers an update about Hurricane Fiona. Later, she carried her thoughts over to Twitter.
“I have been missing these harsh disses on Twitter lately,” she wrote in a Twitter post displaying the comment and her outfit. “Thank you for the smile. Now, in this storyline you’ve invented, when was my turn to streetwalker? And how did I get into the GMA studios? If this is what a stripper turned prostitute wears … I’m out of the loop.”
🤣🤣🤣 I have been missing these harsh disses on Twitter lately. Thank you for the smile. Now, in this storyline you’ve invented, when was my turn to streetwalker? And how did I get into the GMA studios? If this is what a stripper turned prostitute wears… I’m out of the loop. https://t.co/mVGFi0OY9G pic.twitter.com/rwz8dUhxqC
— Ginger Zee (@Ginger_Zee) September 23, 2022
Zee has always been intentional with the outfits she wears, especially when it comes to reducing her carbon footprint. In October 2021, she spoke out about the importance of reusing clothing, urging her fans to consider doing the same.
“Reusing clothing is important to me in my personal life,” she wrote on Instagram at the time, alongside an image showcasing her recycled outfits. “Investing in fewer but higher quality pieces is one of the easiest ways to reduce your footprint. In my job I almost always rent or borrow, but there is nothing like reusing. I figured why not start doing it at work too!”

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She later took it a step further by posting a photo collage of herself side-by-side with her colleagues in her blue pleather pants, writing, “another way to extend the life of a quality item… share.”

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