October 5, 2022

Hey BNers! It’s Olusola here!

Considering all the stress that we experience in Lagos daily, it’s super important that we take some time off to relax. Lest you think this has to be some vacation far away, you can actually experience a chilled and cozy relaxation time here in Lagos.

In case you are wondering what I’m talking about, well, I had the most relaxing stay at the exquisite Villa Monument Hotel. It was almost impossible to believe that I could experience such calm and quiet right in the heart of Lagos. Villa Monument is a luxurious boutique hotel located in Victoria Island Lagos. I was invited for a 3-day staycation and here is how it went .

On Monday, September 19th, I headed over to Villa Monument Hotel and it was so easy to locate. Strategically located in the upscale Victoria Island neighborhood.

My room was super pretty and comfortable. I could not wait to go round the hotel. The General Manager, Tonye Maxwell was kind enough to give me a tour of the hotel and every room has a unique story with beautiful paintings.

I got a warm welcome from the receptionists and the staff were at my service all through my stay. I got access to Wifi and Netflix almost immediately. After a long day, I got straight into bed ready to enjoy my favorite series.

Villa Monument is part of the 355 group and I was at the 355 Breakfast lounge for drinks on Monday night.

One thing you should know about Villa Monument Hotel is that every corner is a picture area. I could not help but take selfies every where I turned to in the building.


What’s a staycation without good food uhn? I had such finger-licking meals

One of the unique features of the Hotel is this beautiful aquarium.

At Villa Monument Hotel, no two rooms are the same. Each room provides guests with an experience of different parts of the world. Catalan, Burj Khalifa, Safari, Fantasia, Tropical bay, Orient, Westminster, e.t.c. One word that describes the rooms best is ‘cozy’. It gives you a private, confidential and relaxing feel.

During my staycation, I was able to keep my work out routine. The gym has modern day equipment to help you keep fit even while away from home.

Asides the beautiful ambience, I dare to say that Villa Monument has one of the best staff and service in Lagos. I could not help but play a game with them and they were kind enough to indulge me. I absolutely loved it.

Once you are lodged in Villa Monument Hotel, you would not have to bother about your security and privacy as this is paramount to them.

I had a short conversation with the General Manager, Tonye Williams and she shares what their clients love the most about the boutique hotel.

The boardroom is comfortable for meetings, conferences and personal work. This is open to in-house guests as well as external guests.

There is also a private lounge called Villa 24 and this is open to only guests lodged in the hotel. It’s a quiet, private and comfy space. Villa Monument gives guests the much needed warmth and comfort they need to relax.

Overall, I had the most amazing and relaxing stay and you should plan your own staycation soon too.



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