December 3, 2022

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Georgia Republican Senate nominee Herschel Walker speaks during a campaign stop at Battle Lumber Company on Oct. 6 in Wadley, Georgia.

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Georgia Republican Senate nominee Herschel Walker speaks during a campaign stop at Battle Lumber Company on Oct. 6 in Wadley, Georgia.
I’ve been getting emails from Georgia Republican Senate nominee Herschel Walker almost every day asking for money. “My opponent has outspent us,” he says. Instead of who is the better candidate to represent the people, it is who can garner and spend the most money.
Politics is now a career. Rep. Alex Mooney, fresh off getting himself re-elected, now is running for Sen. Joe Manchin’s seat. Who will be representing the citizens of the 2nd District while Mooney is campaigning for Manchin’s seat? No sooner did Mooney announce than newly minted state Treasurer Riley Moore announce he wants Mooney’s House seat. Who will be guarding the piggy bank while Moore is on his two-year campaign trail?
Gentleman Jim Justice can’t run for governor again, so he wants to be senator. The press says he has lots of money, so here we go again. It is all about money instead of who we think will do the best job.
Did anybody else notice the absence of the word “Democrat” and the Democrat mascot on yard signs? I did. One Democrat to win re-election campaigned as an independent.
Gone are the days when we voted for the individual instead of dollar signs. Florida Gov. Lawton Chiles did not accept any more than $100 campaign donations. He was known as Walking Lawton as he campaigned in Florida. Ken Hechler’s trademark was his red Jeep. During the construction of Beech Fork Lake the road was all but destroyed. It took a few photos of the damage to get Ken on the case. Within days he got that stopped and the road repaired. That is called representing the people.
Sen. Lamar Alexander’s trademark was his red plaid shirts. Nick Joe Rahall’s was his “fighting for you” yard signs. Jay Rockefeller’s? Walking around money.
Somebody said money is the mother’s milk of politics. So sad.
n n n
The believers have been talking about climate change for 30 years. Now another solution from the United Nations: Wealthy countries will pay poor countries not to develop (which as everybody knows causes global warming). Ask the folks in Buffalo, New York, what they think of global warming. Only one nation foots most of the UN bill, so does anybody think other nations will go along with this idea?
China, a developing nation, will not be required to chip in. Developing? When China has a space station, atomic weapons, rocket ships to the moon, police stations in downtown New York, Chicago and several other U.S. cities? What could go wrong?
n n n
Why did our Founding Fathers go to such great length to avoid the very word “democracy,” much less as a form of government? Voting for more years of what we just have been through proves Franklin, Hamilton, Washington, Adams and others knew what they were doing. It is a terrible way to run a county. Every democracy throughout history ends up a dictatorship.
n n n
Do you really believe the Tennessee Valley Authority’s board of directors dreamed up a solar panel idea on top of an ash heap? It had to be a directive from Washington on high. What could possibly go wrong?
Fred Friar is a Lavalette resident.
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