December 6, 2022

Giroud ties record as France pummels Australia
Not tonight! That's what France shouted in Qatar as the game came to a close. The French national team saw Argentina vs Saudi Arabia and didn't want to face the same consequences. There are no small rivals, every team should always know this, a saying as old as the sport, yet teams never seem to learn it. Well, the French did so for 83 minutes. Australia was better in the first 7 minutes, and they went up in the game. 
Australia also saw the Argentina game. They also believed they could win this. For a bit, they did do the miracle. But this is too much France. This is too much of a team. Mbappe and Dembele started to get in the game, and from the right and left, the blue wave came, and Australia tried to hold on as much as possible. 
Lucas' injury was actually the best thing to have happened to the French team in a tragic situation. Theo Hernandez, his brother, came in and was the perfect partner for Mbappe. Between them, they destroyed the left flank and tied the game with a nice center from the man from Milan to Rabiot. Then it was Giroud and Mbappe, and Giroud again. The rest is history. Australia was no more. 
Special mention to Oliver Giroud. A player often discarded by many as a simple nine, who offers little to the gameplay. But here he is, with 51 goals for the national team. Tying Henry for the most goals and insights of breaking the record. 
This French team is just too much. And with no Karim
All over in Qatar for Group D
Giroud the man of the match! Easy game for Les Blues 
France vs Australia
7 more minutes to play
Thuram for Giroud
Lilian Thuram’s son comes in for Giroud. The record man leaves for another great last name. 
France vs Australia
Well, can games just end when the two teams don’t want to play anymore? This is bore at the moment. 4-1 is too much and the Aussies just want this to be over. 
France vs Australia
Mbappe!!! Oh a bad touch and almost the fifth one. Griezmann with a nice ball and Mbappe miss it by this much
Koman for Dembele
The Player leaves the match and the Bayern one comes in!
Giroud! Giroud! Giroud!
51 goals for the record man. Severely underrated by many. But yet here he is. 
France vs Australia
Done! This game is over. Australia has given up and the French team is putting this on to sleep. They play left to right, slow and slow and slow. And the Aussies want the game to end. They don’t even attempt to play the ball. 
France vs Australia
Dembele on the left makes a nice run on the right takes on two and centers for Giroud to next a nice header in and ties Thierry Henry for the most goals for the national team. 
Giroud! !
He ties Henry!!! 51 goals for France! 
The first one for Mbappe this World Cup
This the moment that Mbappe scored the 3 for the French team. 
Donatello scores!! A nice play by the whole French team. Theo to Mbappe he shoots badly but then Dembele saves it, makes a cut to the inside centers the ball again and Mbappe puts his goal in!
France vs Australia
Theo Hernandez! France’s best player so far!! Another center that Mbappe missed and the Griezmann under the goal was denied!
Short lived
This is how the Aussies celebrated their goal against the French. Didn’t last much, but a bit of happiness. 
France vs Australia
Another corner for the Blues! France is playing better, with speed with want, they would like to put this one away with another goal. 
The flying Frenchman!
What a goal it would have been!
France vs Australia
France plays and touches the ball and touches the ball but no real idea. There’s no clear plan for the Blues, other than to slow the tempo down. 
Cummings for Duke
A bit of a defensive move 
France vs Australia
WOW!!! If Giroud would of scored that! A nice bicycle kick by the Blue player. A great play by his teammate Theo Hernandez who served him like he does every weekend in Milan.
France vs Australia
The Socceroos start up right with a coroner from the right. They want to tie this one up right away. But the French kick it out and we start again. 
The moment Goodwin scored
This is the moment that the Aussies went up in the match. 
The second half starts
Here we go for the next part of this story 
Image of the day
What a pic! What a group. Argentina could be France’s next round match if they fail to secure their group. 
Henry here comes Giroud
Oliver Giroud, displaced by others and overlooked by many, can now become the highest scoring French player for the national team. The ex-Chelsea player is just one goal away from reaching French legend Thierry Henry. 
France up at the half
The French team who found themselves losing in the first eight minutes of the match kept going up in intensity until it over ran the Aussies who after the goal gave the French team too much space were not able to stop the blue wave coming. 
Don’t miss the second half coming up!
France vs Australia
Australia keeps pressuring and France wants this to be over. 
On the counter!! Leckie to the post almost the level! Nice header from the right by a center from Goodwin 
France vs Australia
WOW! Mbappe right under the goal! Nice center from the right for Donatello , right to rip Ryan’s head off and just missed it. 
No goal in 2018 and scores tonight!
Giroud left the Russia World Cup without scoring a goal. Well tonight on his eight game on a World Cup , he finally scored!
Watch France vs Australia
As well as getting all the insight here, you can also watch the action live online with our friends at fuboTV (free trial included, you lucky people).     
France vs Australia
What started well for the Aussies is now a nightmare. The French team felt injured and didn’t like to be on its back. The intensity is high and with nice plays from left to right. But the Socceroos are trying to get the ball and slow down the tempo. If not they can leave this stadium with a nice sack of goals. 
France vs Australia
On an awful play from the back by the defense and the goalie the Aussies lost an easy ball on the left. Rabiot took the bad pass and was left all alone to put a nice pass to Giroud for a tap and make the game 2-1 
A nice ball from the left by Rabiot and Giroud puts in a nice tap. 
France vs Australia
Again Lucas on the left! A nice center and Giroud heads the ball back. The Blues want the second one. And Theo has become the most important player for the French. 
The French can breathe again!
France vs Australia
Theo Hernandez who just came in for his brother Lucas, centers from the left as the French team kept the intensity up. What a goal by Rabiot who receives the center and with a nice header ties the game for the Blues. 
France vs Australia
GOAAAAAAAAAAL!!!!! Rabiot! Puts it in!! 
Theo in for Lucas
The Hernandez family is happy but sad, an oxymoron in itself. This is the cup of the crazy things happening. 
France vs Australia
Mbappe to Dembele from one side to the other. The team tries to put some speed on the attack but nothing. The Socceroos defend with two lines of four very organized. 
France vs Australia
France seems a bit out of the game. Mbappe tries on the right but no one to play with. And the French don’t even control de ball. The Blues are getting nervous and the Socceroos seem better on the field. 
The golden boy for the Aussies
Are we going to keep seeing more surprises today? What a cup, what a cup!!!
And the surprises continue!
France vs Australia
What a play by the Aussies! On the right Leckie with the play! Het gets away from Lucas Hernandez, centers and Goodwin puts it in!!!
It was so good what Leckie did and on the cut, that Lucas Hernandez is done. And will need to leave the match. 
France vs Australia
France vs Australia
First run of Mbappe on the right. With a nice center that the Aussies easily control. The French keep going on the sides with Mbappe and Dembele. But the Australians control the ball. The French work the speed at. The moment. 
France vs Australia
Australia settles on the field and start moving forward. Godwin on the left can become an issue for the French team. This is not easy for Deschamps boys. 
France vs Australia
France start wanting to scare right away! Play on the left with Lucas and the French team get the first corner!
All ready to start
Here we go guys!!
We hear the anthems!
Here comes the anthems. La Marseillaise Is heard all around Qatar! The cry for liberty all around the Asian country.
Now the Aussies anthem. Advance Australia Fair!
Australia training kit -)
We must admit that the Australian training kit is pretty cool. Not sure what it is, but it looks pretty cool. 
Looking ready !
Inside the French looker room and looking good. The Qatar stadiums did not hold back on making everything top of the line for the teams participating on the competition. 
PSG? New route for Cristiano
So this is crazy yes, but why not? PSG could make this move and nothing wrong. 
Starting line up for Australia
What do you guys think? Who is missing from this eleven? 
We got starting line up for France
What do you guys think? Very offensive team, not taking anything for granted tonight! Dembele and Mbappe on the wings, that’s what we want to see!
The World Cup Puskas?
Is this the best goal of the tournament so far? What do you guys think? 
Australia needs all the help it can get
The Sudan is with Australia tonight. And they will need all the help they can get. 
A whole nation behind the Socceroos!
A special message delivered for the Australian team before their game tonight against the French. This will be a game between David and Goliath. But they sure bring color to this tournament. 
Real Madrid present in Qatar
Los Blancos will also be represented in Qatar. The team will be rooting for their players Eduardo Camavinga and Aurélien Tchouaméni. 
Camavinga was the target of racists attacks earlier this week due to an injury his teammate Nkunku suffered from a challenge that the Real Madrid player made. The whole national team has back him up and said that there is no bad blood between the players 
Italian for the French?
Bit of pasta before the game for the French team. Who said Italy was not going to be in Qatar 2022. 
Possible eleven for France?
What do you guys think of this possible eleven for France? Konote will make his World Cup debut tonight if this lineup holds up.
Very attacking for the French team, Deschamps looks to play Dembele and Mbappe on the sides and Griezmann in the middle with a sole number nine up front. 
No Karim Benzema, this is a sad day for soccer, football and futbol. 
Welcome back to another night of World Cup soccer. For this coming match, we have the game between France and Australia. Earlier today, in this group, Denmark tied Tunisia in a very entertaining match, putting the group on a tight schedule. If France fails to win tonight against the Aussies, they can get into a lot of trouble. 
Deschamps boys will solemnly miss Ballon d’Or Karim Benzema, who had to leave the French team this week due to injury. Oddly enough, the manager didn’t call a replacement. Let’s remember that this team won the last World Cup without Benzema and with Giroud playing as a number 9. The French gaffer wants to keep the same tactics that helped him deliver the cup to his country four years ago. 
Regarding Australia, it was the last team to classify to the tournament via a playoff. They beat Perú on penalties over the summer, thus securing a place in Qatar. They will not have Tim Cahill or Mark Viduka, stars of past teams. But they will have Matt Ryan. The Australian goalie has to be on his tonight, as it promises to be very active. 
Don’t miss a minute of the game. We will bring you all the live action from the pitch and all the latest news on all World Cup 2022. 
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