November 26, 2022

Nigerians have responded to recent posts by Netflix trolling the naira redesigned by the Central Bank of Nigeria and launched on 23rd Wednesday by President Muhammad Buhari.
Netflix, in an earlier post on Twitter (now deleted), compared a tinted version of its logo with the original. Placing both sides by side with the tag old and new.
The streaming service also wrote a caption that suggests it is trolling the CBN currency redesign. It wrote, ‘what if we decide to change our logo’?
Nigerians’ reactions: Meanwhile, some Nigerians have reacted to the post by taking sides with the CBN, as they frown at the act of the streaming service.
Some even told the platform to focus on business and not dabble in Nigerian politics.
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A user identified as WOG on Twitter asked if Netflix is in Nigeria for business or to troll the CBN. He advised that the company stay off matters relating to naira redesign and focus on its business with Nigerians.
He said. “Mr. Netflix, Are you in Nigeria to troll Nigerians or to conduct business? I suggest you stay clear of the murky waters of politics and other grey areas so as not to end up as a sacrificial lamb one day soon.”
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Mr. Netflix…are you in Nigeria to troll Nigerians or to conduct business…I suggest you stay clear of the murky waters of politics and other grey areas so as not to end up as a sacrificial lamb one day soon..
— w.o.g (@lagoschic) November 24, 2022

Another user pointed out that even if the account is run by a Nigerian, Netflix ought to stay focused on the reason it is here. S Collins wrote, “The only set of people that have the absolute right to make a jest and criticize a country’s government’s actions are her citizens, not foreign entities, not corporations and not def branches of a corporation.
He insisted that the company should respond for anything they post on social media.
That doesn't give him the right and privileged to do so under a company that is meant to be neutral in government/citizen issues, they are here for business, not your welfare.
He can do so under his personal account, it is right.
— S. Collins (@SirCollins19) November 24, 2022

Ediyo Monday also threatened a blowback should Netflix continue to dabble in matters of such.
An act of disrespect: Ummar Farouq regarded the act as disrespectful, especially for a corporation that generates revenue in the country.
He said, “This is very insensitive and disrespectful for a corporation that operates and generates revenue in Nigeria.”
This is very insensitive & disrespectful for a corporation that operates & generates revenue in Nigeria. I hope NBC penalizes you for this callousness.
— Faruk (@UmmarFaruk_) November 24, 2022

A user identified as @Bulls Eye also advised that Netflix focus on making great movies as a lot of people are already planning to opt out of the channel.
Focus on adding great movies. Everyone is moving or planning on moving out of your platform already.
What does logo feed us with?
— Bulls Eye (@Bullsies) November 24, 2022

In case you missed it:
Nigerians expressed disappointment about the look of the newly redesigned naira notes, which were unveiled yesterday by President Muhammadu Buhari.
Across social media, the general feedback shows that many people are underwhelmed as the new banknotes fell below their expectations.

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