September 26, 2022

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At a recent E-commerce and Natives Summit 2022, Fashmates, a leading fashion tech platform, tried to put light on how brands can drive sales through ensuring seamless omnichannel–much to the delight of the new-age consumer.
Harish Ramchandani, the founder of Fashmates, shared his key insights in an exclusive session on How to drive incremental sales by offering outfitting and style-driven shopper experiences?
He further said “The problem is that the current fashion e-commerce scene is focused on selling individual products instead of creating a personalised look.”
“If you change your approach from selling products to creating entire outfits/looks around the product and personalise it for your customer needs, the whole game changes. A customer can then see multiple visually similar products of their choice and is likely to purchase not one but more products in a single visit,”he added.
Fashmates, for instance, has 2,50,000 stylists on its platform across the globe, a sophisticated advanced AI stylist, styling software and cloud of data on trends, clients and merchandising – all of which help generate high-quality, interactive and shoppable style content for their brand partners.
This powerful setup is helping the brand redefine shopping experiences around styling and outfitting across the globe.
On average, Fashmates-styled outfitting and look-based solution results in 4x product discovery, 3x customer engagement, an increase of 32 per cent in order value and a decrease of 46 per cent in shipping costs.
“Personalisation is a must-have for an omnichannel experience. It is usually accompanied by data privacy and personally identifiable information concerns, which in a way, are the only opportunities for growth that we work on with our brand partners. Another aspect from a consumer perspective is for the shopping experience to be simple and fun and need to have a feel-good experience. From our experience, these two areas of opportunities can really change the e-commerce game,” said Fashmates Co-founder Arvind Singh.
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