October 5, 2022

Wednesday, September 21, 2022
With New York Fashion Week ending, the newest fall fashion trends have just dropped.
Although fashion on campus can be different than what might be considered trendy on the runway, it tends to have its own staple pieces and styles. 
“It is a school of 50,000 people so you see a lot of different styles on campus," VIM Magazine editor-in-chief Anna Traver said. "That's what I love so much about fashion … Everyone (has their) own unique style."
MSU, Traver said, is a very trendy campus as a whole. 

As the weather gets colder, warmer pieces of clothing will soon start making their way out of students' closets.  
“We are trying to find a way to transition the customer from their summer wardrobe to their fall wardrobe, and denim is what we're really seeing," fashion industry worker Shira Solomon said. "Really reinventing the denim jackets."
Traver said that large, oversized jackets, specifically ones that are plaid or pattered, will remain in style this year.
Journalism sophomore Lexi Roberts also agreed that flannels and jeans will be popular this fall.  

“I think the 90s trend will continue, so I think we'll see a lot of crop sweaters with mom jeans," Traver said. "A big thing I noticed coming back is tall boots.”
These trends were gaining traction last cold weather season but are now rising in popularity.
“I'm thinking we're gonna start seeing a lot more cargo pants going around," psychology sophomore Ella Wagner said. "Maybe baggy jeans with a tight long sleeve top. I feel like a lot of people base their trends off of Hailey Bieber and she always wears that.”
Overall, fashion on campus takes a different approach compared off-campus fashion, mostly for the sake of comfort.
Wagner said people like to take the "cozy route." Others, she said, wear jeans and a neutral-colored comfortable sweater to look more put together. 
However, Roberts said the real trend for this season is whatever you feel good in. 
“Take a risk, spice it up," Roberts said. "Look good, feel good — that's a big thing."

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