October 5, 2022

Oluchi Chibuzor
Renowned elder statesman, Olu Falae, Presidential Candidate Peter Obi, Pat Utomi, Comrade Kennedy Iyere, Dr Banire, and others have said that the country is at the dawn of a new threshold if the young demographic can utilize their population to bring about a government that would cater for their wellbeing and install responsible political leaders at the forthcoming general elections.
However, for the country to get it right, they stressed that INEC ICT unit remains a sensitive department that Nigerians must watchout for in order to ensure  transparent voting process and to guide against fraud
They equally noted that the election empire must ensure that the nation gets its credible voters registry accurate, while sanctioning those that have multiple registrations.
Speaking at a June 12 commemorative lecture and charity dinner, held in Lagos yesterday and organized by Civil Society Committee For Anti-Fraud Election Security (CISCAES), in conjunction with the 40 million Ballots Movement, Peter Obi said that Nigerian politicians have divided the country along various lines and polarize the country to their own benefits.
According to him, Nigerian youths must wrestle power from the political class that have no agenda for their growth and general wellbeing.
Commenting on the issue that his political agenda lacks structure to deliver his mandate, he noted that he wants to serve and lead the country out of poverty to restore its glory days when it was paying for the salary of some countries in the world.
“When people talk to me about structure I say to them that the structures that would play a role in this election will be those 100 million Nigerians living under poverty. The 35 to 40 million youths that are unemployed, those elderly people that have been owed gratuity and pension and those Nigerians who have businesses that are collapsing will be the structure ; not those who used to manipulate for their own benefits.
“Because today, the politicians have manipulated people to along ethnic lines, religious lines and all sort of this; and I say go and show me where any religion is buying goods cheaper , have more food, have water, have electricity ; show me that city where that have uninterrupted power supply so I know is because the man from that place is in power.
“Show me that session of Nigeria where because the people are in power the roads are paved, everything is working, show me that city where education is going well, where there is no university strike so we can know that person is from the place in power, there is none.
“Poor people in the north are feeling it, the poor people in the south are feeling it and what we need now is to have people who will tackle the problems of Nigeria. I will contest as a Nigerian and will solve the problem as a Nigerian because I know that I can reverse the present trend.
On if he is aware of the odds against him as the electioneering process commences, Obi noted that for “me the odds are the same for everybody, not just for me. I am asking the youths to take back their country and they must take it back this time. They need to take back their country, they cannot continue this way, those who are creating those odds are the people that want to get us out of the way.
“I want to govern Nigeria, lead and serve the country, it is about services; for me the greatest asset of Nigeria is in the north. We need to turn around the north. Those lands in the north will become our greatest asset and that is where the country has enormous things to do and I know how to create wealth. I have done it personally, publicly and I have shown that it is possible.”
Earlier, speaking at the event, falae, represented by Prof Utomi had maintained that in a country where politicians are richer than businessmen is on the brink of disaster.
According to him, “This country is a young country. More than 70 percent of those who will be eligible to vote next year are under the age of 40. Imagine that they can take their future focusing on the issues that make a difference in their lives. Because the problem of Nigeria is that we have always focused on bigman.
He said this country is so far away from his potential, but noted that with the current movement by youths to go and register for their voter cards is a sign of a new dawn.
“When I see young people go out to register to vote everywhere. I know that the possibilities of a new Nigeria just become a reality.”
For the convener, Comrade Kennedy Iyere, the movement is about getting the right people into power as the country cannot afford to get its political leadership wrong at this critical moment.
“For Nigerians who are disgruntled and who are disillusioned and unhappy with the way things are going, for every youth walking on the street is sad, no jobs, school, no accommodation and a lot of them cannot not even get married.
The EndSARS was a phenomenal proof that the youths of Nigeria, when they have made up their minds to do something that could bring about a change, that such could be actualised. So what we do is to bring them to that point of place of knowledge when they realize that in the PVCs lies the power to influence good governance.”
Meanwhile, speaking also, Utomi urged stakeholders present to sensitize the electorate on the need to look beyond issues of big man in order to hold the leaders accountable.
“Servants should never be more comfortable than those they serve. Only Nigerian politicians are more comfortable than those they serve. The country where politicians are richer than businessmen is on the brink of collapse.”
Speaking also at the event, Muniz Banire, noted that the country must seek ways to entrench rules of law into its democracy.
“Nigeria must develop a template towards having a right democracy and the election umpire must sanction those it said were found to have registered multiple times inline with the new electoral act.”
For professor Remi Sonaiya, who noted that Nigerians political leaders have been devoid of morality, urged electorates to vote based on characters and not the so-called political structure as clamored by some political class.
“Apparently people want good people to lead them because without morality and integrity we will not get it right.
Meanwhile, Mr. Emmanuel Ijewere lamented that upright Nigerians did not realize the need to take charge of politics and political power when civilian government was restored in Nigeria. According to him “that failure of political leaders is what has led to Nigeria.


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