October 2, 2022

On Sept. 20, word went out that the Delaware Coastal Airport near Georgetown could expect a plane carrying migrants from Texas. In a time when human beings seeking to escape violence, climate instability and oppression are being trafficked unannounced to places unprepared to receive them for the purpose of making a political point, Delaware proved to rise above politics and make a stand for being humane.
Texts and emails were flying furiously as new information came in. Local and state government officials, religious organizations and community centers quickly lined up strategy and support that would provide food, shelter, clothing, legal services and translation.
Although the plane in question did not materialize, it was inspiring to see Delaware mustering to respond healthily. The Immigrant Justice Committee of New Castle Presbytery (serving the state of Delaware and the Eastern Shore of Maryland) was among those preparing to respond, such as La Esperanza, First State Community Action Agency, the Latin American Community Center, the ACLU, Jewish Family Services, churches of various denominations, Votamos Coalition, and our elected local and state government officials. No doubt there were groups, too, ready to help.
The three most important messages here are: 1. Migrants are human beings seeking what all of us want: freedom, opportunity and safety; 2. They are not to be used as objects in some kind of political hot potato game; and 3. America can do better.
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The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.


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