November 29, 2022

In an exclusive interview with Piers Morgan, one of soccer’s all-time best players spoke on his interaction with Tom Brady at Old Trafford and what exactly happened.
Piers Morgan is a polarizing figure in the media world, but no one can deny the tremendous weight his interview with Cristiano Ronaldo has carried in this news cycle. Aside from his Manchester United drama, the Portuguese striker came clean to Morgan on his interaction with Tom Brady at Old Trafford on March 12, 2022.
It was a chilly Manchester day, and newly retired Brady met with Cristiano near midfield just after the end of a key United-Tottenham league fixture. Manchester won 3-2 and it was thanks to a Ronaldo hat-trick. Very shortly after, Tom Brady would announce to the world he would return to action in 2022 after a 41-day retirement.
In the sit-down with Morgan, Cristiano goes into detail about what took place in their meeting at Old Trafford. Did he in fact get him to reverse his retirement?
“I’m a good psychologist”, Cristiano jokes. Then, he proceeds to clear up that Brady had come to the decision on his own: “I think he had taken the decision a few weeks before that. He’s a very smart guy who knows a lot about football (soccer), we had a nice conversation. I don’t think that had anything to do with it, though”.
According to CR7, Brady’s presence that night may have given Cristiano Ronaldo “good energy” essential to scoring his hat-trick. Piers Morgan suggested to Ronaldo that it was the fact “another GOAT” was witnessing the game. To which Ronaldo agreed.
In terms of material possession, it was actually Benjamin Brady (Tom’s son) who got to take home the game-worn shirt Cristiano scored a hat-trick with on that night.
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