November 26, 2022

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Models gather in Johnstown ahead of Johnstown Fashion Week.
Camillya Taylor

Models gather in Johnstown ahead of Johnstown Fashion Week.
Have you ever seen the most perfect outfit?
It fits you perfectly in every way. You have the money to buy it. And then you ask, “Where would I wear this to?” and you put it back.
Johnstown has been known for its laid-back atmosphere, but the times are changing. Fashion is making its way back to Johnstown.
Wouldn’t it be nice for ladies to wear that cute little black dress and throw on a nice pump? Fellas – wouldn’t it be great to get dressed and put on a tie?
Camillya Taylor
The future of Johnstown is looking up. You may not see it now, but stay tuned – fashion is making its round to Johnstown.
We are looking forward to bringing Fashion Week to Johnstown.
The February event will bring a week full of day parties, fashion shows, seminars to learn how to start your own brand and start designing – and the best part is that Johnstown will host Fashion Week.
There are seamstresses and designers all around us. The reason you don’t know is because there’s no outlet to showcase these amazing designers. You may know the lady on the bus who can hem a skirt, but you don’t know she’s been designing for her grandchildren since they could walk.
Most people drive to Pittsburgh, Lancaster, York or even New York City to see fashion at its best. But wouldn’t it be nice to get dressed and go out in your hometown to see these amazing shows?
Well, stay tuned. We are taking fashion in Johnstown to the future and beyond.
Are you with us?
On Nov. 5, we held our first casting for Johnstown Fashion Week. The turnout was amazing.
Johnstown Fashion Week is attracting models and potential fashion show-goers from all over. Models showed up from as far as New York, Dover, Altoona, West Virginia and more. Also attending were local models from the Johnstown area.
We are excited to bring fashion to Johnstown. Developing a fashion hub from our lovely city is going to be a task, but not impossible.
We are bringing models, designers, photographers, videographers, makeup artists and hair stylists – all in one space – to create what will be known as Johnstown Fashion Week.
Keep your eye out as this event unfolds. It is promising to be exciting and also a creative outlet for fashion.
Camillya Taylor is the owner of Camille’s House of Styles Salon and Boutique in the Moxham section of Johnstown.

Camillya Taylor, owner of Camille’s House of Styles Salon and Boutique in the Moxham section of Johnstown, is celebrating her 12th anniversary in business and will highlight fashions she has created through the years.
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