November 28, 2022

Ahead of Black Friday, Zavvi is offering discounts on a wide array of Ghostbusters-branded clothing, an eye-catching pair of high tops, and a handful of collectibles.
Regarding apparel, fans can save 25% off on more than 20 items, with the designs including imagery from the classic 1984 film and last year’s long-awaited sequel, Ghostbusters: Afterlife.
Above, you’ll find just a small sampling of just some of the tops available, with the full selection found here and the discount applied at checkout when using promo code “BLACK25”.

Some will recall that earliest this year, I had the opportunity to look at the Akedo x Ghostbusters high-top sneakers. Since then, they have become a personal favorite of mine, my go-to pair of shoes when attending Ghostbusters events and for everyday use.
Showcasing not only the classic no-ghost logo but a funky neon take on the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, those looking to buy can save 15% off at checkout when using the promo code “AKEDO15”.
Lastly, there’s also a variety of Ghostbusters-themed housewares items and collectibles consisting of assorted cushions, a no-ghost tote bag, and a Giclee art print.
Like the apparel, the above collectibles are 25% off when using promo code “BLACK25” at checkout.
Be sure to keep checking back to Ghostbusters News as we’ll continue to update with additional Black Friday deals as they become available!
Tonight’s episode of Fox’s The Masked Singer included a surprise for Ghostbusters fans, as Ray Parker Jr. was revealed as the Cheshire Cat-looking Sir Bug A Boo.
After providing fans with multiple behind-the-scenes looks at Ghostbusters: Afterlife, along with prop recreation videos, Tested is back with yet another Ghostbusters-centric feature, this time as part of a partnership with Illfonic to promote the new video game, Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed.
Back in the spring, we shared a sneak peek at an upcoming Slimer action figure from fan-based toy studio Fantazm Toys, which was made to highlight the spud’s appearance in the original film.
The Real Ghostbusters are back, but so is the Boogieman, with the classic episode “The Bogeyman is Back” now streaming!
Just because Halloween is over doesn’t mean you can’t continue to show off your love of Ghostbusters, and with the holiday season fast approaching, today, we’re previewing this year’s number-one Christmas boutique gift item!
Last year, AMC+ included Ghostbusters II as part of their Haunting Holiday line-up, making the bold claim that the inclusion of Santa hats and the calling of a slime-filled toaster a “Christmas boutique gift item” helped classify it as a holiday film.
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