September 28, 2022

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Declaring that “dark money erodes public trust,” President Joe Biden called on Congress to support an election transparency bill now before the Senate that would require Super PACS and other groups spending money in elections to disclose donors who give at least $10,000 during an election cycle. The legislation, called the Disclose Act, would also ban domestic corporations with significant foreign control from spending money in U.S. elections. Speaking from the White House Roosevelt Room, Biden urged Senators to support the bill, warning, “there’s much too much money that flows in the shadows to influence our elections,” including foreign money. “Dark money has become so common in our politics. I believe sunlight is the best disinfectant,” he added. The House has already passed the legislation and a Senate vote is expected this week. But Republicans have threatened to block the measure from passing. “And I acknowledge, it’s an issue for both parties, but here’s the key difference. Democrats in the Congress support more openness and accountability. Republicans in Congress so far don’t. So far don’t. I hope they’ll come around,” Biden said.
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