November 26, 2022

…..promise to turn Nollywood as the mainstay of Nigeria’s economy
As the 2023 poll draws nearer, the presidential candidate of the opposition African. Democratic Congress (ADC), Mr Dumebi Kachikwu has expressed concern over the plight of 100 million indigent Nigerians.
Speaking during the triannual summit of the Actors Guild of Nigeria held in Benin, he blamed bad leadership for the unfortunate situation.
Kachikwu said it behoves the electorates to cast their votes for him who has the wherewithal to address the multifactorial challenges besetting the country.
Said he: “The latest statistics from the NBS shows that over 100m Nigerians are poor. For how long can we continue like this? Our nation is at war on multiple fronts while our leaders stumble, fall and make incoherent statements. Farmers all over the world are some of the richest people. Farmers in Nigeria are the poorest people.
“The world talks about agribusiness and agripreneurship, we talk about subsistence farming. The rest of the world is taking proactive steps to fix the twin problems of recession and inflation, our government continues to pauperise us by increasing VAT and duties at our ports.
“We can overcome our problems, but we must do away with these leaders and chart a new course for ourselves. No longer should we let them divide us by tribe, tongue and religion. No longer will mediocrity rule our land. We must enthrone meritocracy and build a Nigeria that works for everyone.”
He said in spite of efforts by members of the AGN, it is unfortunate that Nollywood lacks real support structures that compete favourably with Hollywood and Bollywood in the united states of America (USA) and India respectively.
He added: “How does a country that boasts the third-largest film industry in the world lack a content distribution platform? Why should producers be at the mercy of foreign platforms in take it or leave it deals?
” This is wrong. How many Nigerians have access to quality and affordable broadband if we were to accept that Netflix and Amazon Prime are the solutions to our problems? Why do we have Hollywood movies in a separate channel belt from Nollywood movies on DSTV?
“How much did Nigerian banks give in loans to content producers in the last one year? What of the multi-billion naira film grant that has been promised to the Guild by successive governments?
“What’s the cost of producing a top-notch Netflix standard movie and how many movies can an N1b or is it N3b grant support?
“Nollywood doesn’t need tokenism. Nollywood needs the Nigerian Government to take it as a sector critical to the survival of the Nigerian economy. This is what | would do as your President.
“When you earn good money from your films you can invest in better technology, better sets, costumes, etc. When people see that there is potential in Nollywood, then foreign investments will flow in because they know the content produced can be sold.
“Dear Creative Practitioners, history beckons on us all to take our country in a different direction. We can no longer afford to have geriatrics who can’t understand our today destroy our tomorrow. For too long we have been their victims. We must now take our country back from them.”
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