October 5, 2022

1da Banton
Since the release of his mega record, No Wahala, last year, 1da Banton’s growth in the music industry has been nothing short of an astronomical success. With his cocktail of Reggae, Dancehall, and some native genres, he continues to stand out as one of the most enigmatic singers in his generation. 
With the release of his latest and second official single of the year, Summer Love, 1da Banton stretches this reality, bringing to bare his impeccable songwriting as well as vocalisation on the song. 
Having amassed over 100 million streams on digital streaming platforms, and peaked at No. 3 on the UK Afrobeats chart with the anthemic ‘No Wahala’, 1da Banton is also poised to cross borders with this song. 
The Michon-produced track depicts the artist in a state of bewilderment prompted by the betrayal of love, as he sings over the mellifluous instrumentation of the track with lyrics such as, “I been dey think say I too sabi, until dem break my heart oh, and now you don dey show me love wey dey feel like true love, I dey see everything e dey be like true love, but I no wan believe believe believe believe you.”
Summer Love is out on all digital stores. 

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